New Japan Pro Wrestling lays out guidelines for wrestlers and fans upon return in July

NJPW guidelines

After announcing that fans will be in attendance at the July 11 and July 12 shows in Osaka, New Japan Pro Wrestling has laid out guidelines that wrestlers and fans will have to follow.

According to the guidelines, wrestlers, who will begin working on Monday, June 15, will have to do the following:

— Take their temperature twice a day and log who they come into contact with

— Quarantine themselves immediately if they display any COVID-19 symptoms

— Minimize attendance at the venue, wear masks, and log how long they are in the venue, as well as leave once their match is complete

— Locker rooms will be zoned, food will be labeled, and buffets will not take place

— The ring and the ringside area will be sanitized in between matches

Fans attending the show at the Osaka-jo Hall, which will only be allowed a third of its capacity, will have to wear masks at all time, avoid intentional physical contact, and are not allowed to loudly cheer. If any fans present symptoms of COVID-19 up to two weeks after an event, NJPW must be notified.