NJPW Strong Style Evolved Results – 3/25/18 (The Golden Lovers vs. The Young Bucks)

NJPW Strong Style Evolved Results

New Japan Strong Style Evolved Results
March 25, 2018
Long Beach, California (Walter Pyramid)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Josh Barnett
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Commentary welcomes us to the show, then we go to a video package looking at last year’s debut in Long Beach and the top matches for tonight.

ROH 6-Man Tag Team Champions SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) vs. Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) and Rocky Romero

Romero and Sky go back-and-forth early. Sky with a neckbreaker, Kazarian and YOH tag in. YOH kips up off a shoulder tackle, then hits a flying clothesline. SHO in, Roppongi 3K with some double-teams on Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian goes to the eyes, Sky tags in. SHO comes back with a dropkick. Kazarian in, kitchen sink by SHO. YOH in, suplex gets 2. Kazarian wants a timeout. Daniels with a cheapshot, but YOH nails him. Sky trips up YOH, then Kazarian slips trying to do a springboard legdrop. Daniels in, leg lariat to YOH. Kazarian in, but is limping. SoCal Uncensored with triple-teams on YOH for 2. Front chancery applied by Kazarian. Romero tags in, but ref doesn’t see it, allowing for more double and triple-teaming by SoCal Uncensored. Daniels wipes out YOH with an Arabian Press outside. Back in, Sky with a slingshot cutter for a close 2. Kazarian in, Sky misses an avalanche, Romero tags in. Springboard crossbody to Kazarian, double rana to Daniels and Sky. Romero hits the Forever Clotheslines on Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian avoids a charge, but Romero with a springboard dropkick to the back of Kazarian, but Daniels breaks up the pin. All 6 men now in the ring. Roppongi 3K sent outside, Sky wipes them out with a fliip dive. Best Meltzer Ever by The Addiction on Romero, but YOH breaks up the pin. YOH fights off SoCal Uncensored, then Sky accidentally hits a cutter on Daniels. Enziguri by YOH to Sky, SHO tags in. Sky blind tags in, but SHO nails him with a clothesline as YOH takes out Kazarian. SHO with Rolling Germans to Sky, then Roppongi 3K hit him with Double Leaping Knees. Dominator/Cutter Combo to Sky for a close 2. Backstabber by SHO, YOH with a dropkick to Sky. 3K to Sky for the win.

Winners: Roppongi 3K and Rocky Romero by pinfall (3K)

“Heart and Honor” Juice Robinson and David Finlay Jr. vs. NEVER Champion Hirooki Goto and Gedo

Goto and Juice start. Chain wrestling early. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle multiple times. Juice knocks down Goto with a back elbow, then a back senton for 2. Left hand by Juice, but Goto nails him with a clothesline. Both go for clotheslines and no one goes down. Goto avoids a sidekick and hits a big clothesline. Finlay comes in, but Goto suplexes him onto Juice. We see that Goto’s mouth has been split open. Goto with a chinlock, followed by an elbow to the face of Juice. Gedo in, pulls at Juice’s face. CHAOS begins to take control. Goto with forearms, but Juice fights back. Goto then with a big shot to knock Juice down. Gedo in, double shoulder tackle by CHAOS. Gedo again pulls at Juice’s face. Gedo with a series of jabs, but Juice hits jabs of his own until Gedo pokes him in the eyes. Juice responds in kind, then Finlay gets a shot in, knocking Gedo down. Finlay tags in, flying back elbow by Finlay. Running corner uppercuts to Gedo and Goto, then a flying back elbow to Gedo for 2. Gedo avoids the Prima Nocha, Goto hits him with the Ushirogoshi, Gedo with a basement superkick for 2. Juice in, full nelson slam to Goto. Third Eye left hand to Gedo, then he wipes out Goto with a slingshot plancha. Finlay hits Gedo with the Prima Nocha for the win.

Winners: “Heart and Honor” Juice Robinson and David Finlay Jr. by pinfall (Prima Nocha)

The Killer Elite Squad (“American Psycho” Lance Archer and “Canadian Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith Jr.) vs. Toru Yano and Chuckie T.

Archer does his usual water spitting routine on everyone in the crowd for the entrance, including one Dave Meltzer. KES attack CHAOS before the bell. Archer unloads on Yano outside, while Smith works over Chuckie. Chuckie comes back and locks in an Octopus, but Smith gets out and hits a German. Big boot knocks Yano off the apron. Archer in, unloads with shots to Chuckie in the corner. Archer with a backdrop and a short-arm clothesline. Archer hits Old School while tagging in Smith. Chuckie fights back, but Smith with a slam for 2. Chinlock applied, Chuckie fights back, but Smith with a belly-to-belly for 2. Smith with a Liontamer variation as Archer taunts the camera. Chuckie gets out, but Smith with an elbow drop and right hands. Archer in, scares off Yano, then mows down Chuckie with a shoulder tackle. Archer again scares away Yano. Smith in, butterfly suplex to Chuckie for 2. Back to the chinlock. Crowd chanting for Chuckie. Archer in, but Chuckie avoids the Hart Attack and DDTs Smith. Yano in, but Archer knocks him down. Yano keeps Archer away from the ropes, then gets Archer mad. Yano apologizes, but Archer blocks a low blow. Yano with an atomic drop, but Archer blocks it and knocks Yano outside. Archer goes to dive, but instead goes outside. Yano sends him off the apron, then one to Smith and Chuckie wipes out KES with a flip dive. Yano sets to dive, but instead goes to remove the turnbuckle padding. Archer back in and Yano’s shots have no effect on him. Both grab each other by the hair, then Yano takes Archer down. Archer goes into the exposed buckle, then Chuckie rolls up Archer for 2. Chuckie with a knee strike, then hits a piledriver, but Smith breaks up the pin. Smith knocks down Yano, then Archer avoids a moonsault by Chuckie. Archer hits a Pounce, then a big chokeslam for a close 2. Chuckie rolls up Archer for another close 2. Chuckie with a superkick to Archer, then clotheslines to KES. KES then come back and hit the Killer Bomb on Chuckie for the win.

Winners: The Killer Elite Squad by pinfall (The Killer Bomb)

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes and “The Villain” Marty Scurll vs. The Guerillas of Destiny (“The Bad Boy” Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa)

Members of Bullet Club square off here. Cody cuts a promo before the bell, saying that Bullet Club is fine. What’s not fine is the booking of this match, ladies and gentlemen, there will be no match. The reason is because we, the Bullet Club, are friends. Cody puts over G.O.D., but then says its superstars like himself that make it possible. Tanga Loa grabs the mic and says Cody isn’t gonna deny the Long Beach crowd and the Bullet Club family a match tonight. If there is a team we are on, its not Team Cody.

Cody attacks Loa, then Tonga unloads on Cody early. Loa clotheslines Cody outside. Scurll tries to make good with G.O.D., but when he turns around, they nail him and send him outside, then Scurll hugs Cody. Back in, Scurll tries to make peace with Loa, but then tags in Cody. Cody gets in, but then tags in Scurll. Chain wrestling, then we have a stalemate. Loa with a right hand, Tonga tags in. Tonga with a headbutt, a slam and a big elbow drop. Scurll fights back, tags in Cody, but Tonga with a Stinger Splash in the corner. Brandi pulls out Cody and has words with Tonga, allowing Scurll to hit him with the apron superkick.

Cody and Marty take control on Tonga. Cody hits a delayed standing gourdbuster, then hits a kick. Scurll in, knocks down Loa, then hits the Just Kidding superkick to Tonga’s leg. Scurll sets for the Chickenwing, but Cody tags in. Cody goes for CrossRhodes, but Tonga counters with the Tongan Twist. Loa in, feels no effect on Cody’s chops, daring Cody to bring it. Loa makes a comeback, hitting a hiptoss neckbreaker, then a Samoan Drop to Scurll. Cody gets out of a back suplex, hits Beautiful Disaster. Cody heads up top, but Tonga stops him and hits a superplex. Tonga heads up top, but Scurll stops him and hits a top rope superplex. Loa stops Scurll on the top and hits him with a top rope superplex. Cody then mocks Kenny Omega with the “Rise of the Terminator” dive, but Loa stops him with a Spear, Scurll breaks up the pin. Cody kicks the ropes into Tonga, then a double-team by Cody and Scurll to Loa. Scurll accidentally hits Cody, but Scurll avoids Tonga hitting a Stinger Splash as he hits Loa. Tonga does his misdirection to Cody before hitting a dropkick. Cody avoids a double team and hits Loa with CrossRhodes for the win.

Winners: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and “The Villain” Marty Scurll by pinfall (CrossRhodes)

Los Ingobernables de Japon (“Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito, IWGP Tag Team Champion “Cold Skull” SANADA, “Ticking Time Bomb” Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI) face “1/100 Man of Talent” Hiroshi Tanahashi, “Time Splitter” KUSHIDA, Dragon Lee and “Funky Weapon” Ryusuke Taguchi

Tanahashi and Naito start, but then SANADA nails Tanahashi from behind and LIJ put the beatdown on him. Naito spits at Tanahashi, but accidentally hits SANADA and Tanahashi fights back. Lee tags in, but Naito gets away and tags in Hiromu. They go at it immediately with overhand chops back-and-forth. Lee gets the advantage, but then Hiromu with a running rana, but Lee cartwheels out of it. Lee hits a suplex sending Hiromu outside, then wipes him out with a big flip dive. Back in, Lee flips off LIJ and the babyfaces go after LIJ, then triple-team Hiromu as Taguchi calls the plays. Taguchi with a hip attack, then KUSHIDA with a roll-up for 2. KUSHIDA with another pin attempt on Hiromu for 2. KUSHIDA goes to work on Hiromu’s arm. Hiromu avoids a charge and LIJ lay in the onslaught on KUSHIDA and the babyfaces. BUSHI in, missile dropkick to KUSHIDA. SANADA in, locks KUSHIDA in the Paradise Lock, then unlocks him with a dropkick. BUSHI back in, chinlock applied. KUSHIDA fights back, but BUSHI chokes him with his shirt as the ref is distracted. KUSHIDA comes back with the cartwheel dropkick, but there is no one to tag as they are all down. SANADA in, but KUSHIDA with a handspring elbow. Tanahashi in, flying forearm to SANADA, knocks down the rest of LIJ. Double dragon screw to BUSHI and Hiromu. SANADA avoids the sling blade and locks in Skull End, but Tanahashi reverses it. SANADA gets out, goes up and over and hits a springboard dropkick. Naito and Taguchi in, Taguchi with flying hip attacks to all of LIJ, then goes for Oh My & Garankle to Naito, but BUSHI breaks it up. KUSHIDA in, Hoverboard Lock to BUSHI. Tanahashi then locks SANADA in the Cloverleaf, but Hiromu breaks them all up. Lee knocks down Hiromu outside, but Naito avoids a running hip attack by Taguchi, but Taguchi locks back in Oh My & Garankle, but SANADA breaks it up. Skull End locked in, but Tanahashi stops that with a slingblade. Hiromu nails Tanahashi, then hits Lee with a Buckle Belly-to-Belly. Naito rolls up Taguchi for a close 2. Destino to Taguchi for the win.

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon by pinfall (Destino)

IWGP Jr. Champion “The Aerial Assassin” WIll Ospreay vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger

They shake hands and bow as the bell sounds. Chain wrestling early. Liger goes right to the surfboard. Liger with a series of chops, but Ospreay with an uppercut and a hestiation dropkick in the corner. More uppercuts by Ospreay, then goes to a Bow & Arrow-style submission before Liger gets to the ropes. Chinlock applied. Liger avoids a back handspring from Ospreay and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then wipes him out outside with a rolling senton off the apron. Liger then hits Ospreay with a Brainbuster on the floor! Liger poses in the ring as the ref begins his 20 count. Ospreay just barely gets back in before the count of 20. Liger hits the Shotei in the corner, followed by the Liger Bomb for a close 2. Liger goes up top and hits a Super Rana, but Ospreay lands on his feet, but hurt his leg in the process. Back handspring kick sends Liger outside, then Ospreay wipes out Liger with a Sasuke Special! Ospreay continues to limp on the outside. Back in, Ospreay with a springboard clothesline and a standing shooting star press for 2. Ospreay knocks Liger into the ropes and goes for a 619, but Liger avoids it and hits a Koppo Kick. Ospreay comes back with a Spanish Fly for a close 2. Ospreay hits the Robinson Special, then goes for the OsCutter, but Liger blocks it and hits another Brainbuster for a close 2. They head up top as Liger goes for the Super Brainbuster and hits it, but is unable to capitalize and make the cover. Liger crawls over and finally covers, but Ospreay gets his foot on the ropes. Liger sets for another Shotei, but Ospreay avoids it and hits a big hook kick, but Liger takes his head off with another Shotei for another close 2. Liger goes for another Shotei, but Ospreay avoids it and hits Liger with his own Liger Bomb for a close 2. Multiple head kicks from Ospreay, then this time hits the OsCutter for the win.

Winner: IWGP Jr. Champion “The Aerial Assassin” WIll Ospreay by pinfall (OsCutter)

IWGP Champion “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada and “Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii w/Gedo vs. IWGP Intercontinental Champion Minoru Suzuki and “Real Bone Master” Zack Sabre Jr. w/TAKA

Okada and Sabre start. Chain wrestling early with Sabre showing disrespect. Sabre begins picking apart Okada with his array of submissions. Okada counters out, but Sabre gets out and then avoids a Rainmaker attempt. Suzuki and Ishii tag in. They stare each other down, then unload on each other back-and-forth, daring the other to hit them harder. Suzuki gets the advantage, but Ishii with a shoulder tackle. Suzuki comes back by trapping Ishii in an armbar in the ropes, while Sabre knocks down Okada and locks in an abdominal stretch outside. Suzuki sends Ishii into the barricade, then hits him across the back with a chair, not a DQ. They fight into the crowd as Sabre with uppercuts to Okada outside. Suzuki drills Ishii with a water bottle, while Sabre kicks the barricade while Okada’s arm was inside it. Suzuki then with a big chop to Okada. Back in, Ishii with chops to Suzuki, who just laughs it off, then drills Ishii with an overhand chop. Sabre in, Fujiwara Armbar applied while Suzuki with an ankle lock. Ref is with Okada as Sabre and Suzuki torture poor Ishii with double submissions. Sabre kicks at Ishii disrespectfully to the crowd’s chants, then tags in Suzuki. Suzuki knocks down Okada, then locks Ishii in a heel hook, but Ishii gets to the ropes. Suzuki goes to tag, but Ishii yells at him and spits at him, daring him to bring it. They slap each other until Suzuki with a headbutt. Sabre in, continues to kick at Ishii, but it just fires him up with every shot. Sabre blocks a German, but Ishii hits it on the second try. Okada in, makes a comeback on Sabre and Suzuki. Running back elbow to Sabre, corner back elbow, DDT gets 2. Sabre blocks the Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker, then counters another attempt with an Octopus Hold, then turns it into a Butterfly Lock variation before Okada gets to the ropes. Sabre goes back to the Octopus, but Okada counters out and goes for the Tombstone. Sabre counters that into a Kimura, then switches to the Jim Breaks Armbar, but Ishii breaks it up. Suzuki nails Ishii, as Sabre with uppercuts to Okada. Okada fights back and locks Sabre in the Cobra Clutch, but Sabre gets out, then counters the Rainmaker and hits a Pele Kick to the arm. Suzuki in, chest kicks to Okada. Suzuki locks in the Choke, but Okada counters the Gotch Piledriver with the Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker. Ishii in, hits the Violence Party on Suzuki in the corner, but Suzuki dares to bring it harder. They exchange strikes again, Ishii dares Suzuki now to bring it. Ishii with a big-time forearm that rocks Ishii, but Ishii wants another. Ishii responds in kind, but Suzuki wants another. Suzuki with another big shot that rocks Ishii, but Ishii stays up. Ishii with another shot that this time rocks Suzuki, but Suzuki stays up and delivers another huge blow that saw something go flying. Suzuki now has the advantage, but Ishii with another forearm. Suzuki blocks a Backdrop Driver, but Ishii with a suplex. Suzuki goes for the Choke, then hits a kneelift. Sabre in, knocks down Okada. Sabre with a running uppercut, Suzuki with a running Yakuza Kick, then stereo kicks on Ishii, Okada breaks up the pin. Ishii catches the PK from Sabre and hits a big headbutt. Ishii with a powerbomb for a close 2. Sabre goes for a Guillotine Choke, but Okada with the Too Awesome Dropkick, followed by Ishii hitting the Sliding Lariat, but Suzuki breaks up the pin. Ishii clotheslines a kick from Sabre, but Sabre locks him in a cross armbreaker while Suzuki has the Choke on Okada. Sabre switches to his Bow & Arrow submission variation and Ishii verbally submits.

Winners: IWGP Intercontinental Champion Minoru Suzuki and “Real Bone Master” Zack Sabre Jr. by submission (Bow & Arrow)

Sabre lays out Okada after the match with the Octopus Hold, then Sabre and Suzuki torture the referee with a double submission. Sabre walks around with the IWGP title belt, then tosses it down before leaving.

IWGP United States Championship: “Switchblade” Jay White (c) vs. Hangman Page

Chain wrestling early until White locks Page in a Muta Lock, Page then fights out. They brawl around ringside. Back in, Page with a running boot on the apron, followed by spiking White with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Page sends White hard into the barricade. Page lifts up White, running and tossing him into the ringpost. Back in, Page with a bridging pumphandle suplex for 2. White fights back, but Page with an overhead backbreaker for 2. Page kicks at White, but White fights back again. White counters a suplex and hits a snap Backdrop Driver. White with chops, then hits a submarine-style attack. White with rolling necklock suplexes, but Page stops a third one. White sends Page into the buckles, followed by a running corner uppercut, then a necklock suplex into the buckles for 2. Page blocks the Kiwi Crusher and rolls up White for 2. Page avoids a German, but White with a Flatliner, followed by a Deadlift German for 2. Page then comes back with a Fireman’s Carry into a Draping DDT. Page goes for the Flip-Over Lariat, but White keeps staggering too close to the ropes for Page. Now Page goes for it, but White nails him coming in. More chops by White in the ropes, then they go to the apron, where White goes for the Blade Runner, but Page blocks it. White then with a Flatliner on the apron, followed by hitting a release Deadlift German off the apron and to the outside, where Page’s arm lands across the apron! Back in, they head up top as White goes for a Super German, but Page blocks it. They exchange strikes until Page with a Super Swinging Neckbreaker for a close 2. They exchange strikes again until White back suplexes Page over the ropes and to the outside! White then with a Backdrop Driver on the floor! Back in, White with another Backdrop Driver, then another one, even after Page tried to fight it off with elbows. White goes for the Blade Runner, but Page counters out into hitting a powerbomb. Page with a piledriver for a close 2. Page goes up top, but White avoids a moonsault and rolls outside, where Page lays him out with the Shooting Star Shoulderblock off the apron! Page heads up top and wipes out White this time with an Orihara Moonsault! Back in, Page this time hits the Buckshot Lariat, turning White inside-out for a close 2. Page goes for the Rite of Passage, but White blocks it and rolls up Page for 2. White with a Superman Forearm and a Half-Nelson German, followed by the Kiwi Crusher for a close 2. White goes again for the Blade Runner, but Page drills him with a shot. Page with a superkick and a rolling elbow, but White counters the Rite of Passage with the Blade Runner to retain the title. WOW!

Winner and STILL IWGP United States Champion: “Switchblade” Jay White by pinfall (The Blade Runner)

Main Event: The Golden Lovers (“Best Bout Machine” Kenny Omega and “Golden Star” Kota Ibushi) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Main Event: The Golden Lovers (“Best Bout Machine” Kenny Omega and “Golden Star” Kota Ibushi) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Matt and Omega start. Omega and Matt have words, then Matt takes a cheapshot at Ibushi. Nick tags in, then Omega tags in Ibushi. Series of evasions back and forth between the two until we have a stalemate. Nick with a kick, then Ibushi with a big chest kick. Matt tags in, but Ibushi with a kick to the injured back of Matt. Ibushi stomps away, but Omega calls him off. Matt shoves down Omega, then Nick comes in and the Golden Lovers with a double back elbow. Double leapfrog, but Matt sends Omega outside and the Bucks hit a double gutbuster/neckbreaker combo on Ibushi, then a double dropkick to Omega. Wrecking Ball Dropkick to Ibushi, but Omega hotshots Nick onto Matt’s groin as Matt was upside down in the ropes. Omega goes for the Rise of the Terminator dive, but Nick drills him on the way up with a superkick, sending Omega crashing outside. Bucks then with an assisted knucklelock into a flip dive by Nick, wiping out the Golden Lovers outside. Nick works over Ibushi while Matt sets up a table outside. Nick has words with Matt, saying they don’t have to use the table. Nick with a draping Hangman’s Neckbreaker to Ibushi, while Matt hits a senton atomico, but comes up clutching his injured back. Matt in, but accidentally knocks Nick off the apron, allowing Ibushi to avoid another charge and hit a springboard dive to wipe out Nick outside. Nick pulls Omega off the apron to stop a tag, then the Bucks hit the Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo in the corner, but Omega breaks up the pin. Ibushi fights back, hitting Matt with a dropkick.

Omega tags in, crossbody to Matt, then double sledges to Nick. Nick comes back with a spinning back elbow, then the Bucks with an assisted rana to Ibushi. Ibushi stops the headscissors/dropkick combo with a dropkick to Nick, then another kick to the injured back of Matt. Golden Lovers with a chest kick/Kotaro Krusher combo to Nick, sending him outside. Golden Lovers then go for the Cross Slash on the Bucks outside, but as Omega hits his Golden Triangle Moonsault, Nick avoids Ibushi’s and sends him into the barricade. Back in, Golden Lovers with a series of double-teams on Matt for a close 2. Omega with shots to the injured back of Matt, who is yelling at him in the process. Matt sent hard into the buckles. Ibushi in, more shots to the injured back. Matt spits at Ibushi, who responds with forearms. Omega in, hits Matt with a backbreaker. Ibushi in, chinlock applied. Matt fights back, pulls Omega off the apron, but Ibushi stops a tag. Matt goes again after Omega, who back suplexes him onto the apron. Back in, Matt avoids a back suplex and tags in Nick. Nick makes a comeback on the Golden Lovers, hitting a series of kicks and clotheslines. Omega avoids Nick and hits a rana, but in the process, Nick hitting a draping backstabber to Ibushi. Nick with a tope suicida to Omega outside, then the Bucks with a series of double-teams to Ibushi for a close 2. Matt tags in as Nick was heading up top, as Matt wants to do the old Golden Lovers double 450 finisher, but Ibushi stops them. Matt blocks a superplex, then Omega heads up with Ibushi and the Golden Lovers hit Matt with a double top rope superplex. Golden Lovers call for the double 450 Splash, but Nick stops it. Nick and Omega fight on the apron, with Nick hitting a delayed apron German! Nick sets up the table between the apron and the barricade. Nick sets up Omega on the table as Matt heads up top while Ibushi is down. Matt is contemplating what to do, but he takes too long as Ibushi hits him with a Pele. Nick and Ibushi fall outside, then Omega grabs Matt and goes for the One Winged Angel through the table, but Matt blocks it. Ibushi then springs up and hits a Super German to Matt back into the ring, with Omega’s assistance, for a close 2. Golden Lovers go for the Golden Trigger, but Nick pulls Omega outside. Omega sends Nick into the barricade as Matt fights back on Ibushi. Ibushi with rapid-fire strikes, but Matt with a superkick. Omega then drills Matt with a V-Trigger, followed by a clothesline and the Golden Star Bomb by Ibushi for a close 2. Another V-Trigger by Omega, but Nick breaks up the pin. Nick sent outside, then Matt with more kicks to Matt’s back. Omega sends Nick into the front row, then Matt fires up off another kick to the back, but Ibushi now with chest kicks, but Matt gets the knees up off a standing moonsault. Matt then hooks Ibushi and locks in Cease & Desist. Omega tries to break it up, but Matt gets in his face. Omega unloads with shots, but Nick with a superkick. Nick then springs up the ropes and wipes out Omega outside with a tornillo dive! Matt locks Ibushi back in Cease & Desist, then Nick with a combo facebuster and wipes out Omega with a tornado DDT outside! Matt keeps Cease & Desist applied, but eventually has to release it as his injured back gave out on him. Nick tags in, Bucks go for More Bang for your Buck, but Matt can’t lift up Ibushi. Nick with a dropkick to Omega, but as the Bucks go for More Bang for your Buck, when Matt goes for the Moonsault, he instead takes out Omega through the table with an elbow drop!

Back in, the Bucks hit the assisted 450 Splash to Ibushi for a close 2. Ibushi fights back on the Bucks, but the Bucks with a basement superkick to Ibushi. Omega comes back in and hits a superkick to Nick. Matt goes up on the ropes, but Omega catches him in the One Winged Angel, but Nick with two superkicks to Omega, but Ibushi with a double Pele to the Bucks. Omega and Matt legally tag in and square off in the center. Omega with a snap Dragon, but then Matt comes back with a piledriver. Matt takes off his weightlifting belt and begins to whip Omega across the back with it. Matt with a shot to Ibushi, then knocks down the ref, but Omega avoids a shot and goes back to the injured back. Now Omega has the belt, but he slams it down and hits a few standing V-Triggers. Matt then comes back with a Spear. Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver, but Matt can’t lift him up. Nick helps Matt, but Ibushi stops Nick from springboarding and hits the Golden Star Bomb through the announce table! Omega reverses Matt and the Golden Lovers hit an Indietaker on Matt, but Matt kicks out! Electric Chair/Head Kick combo by the Golden Lovers, followed by the Doctor Wily Bomb by Omega for another close 2. Omega calls for Goodbye and Goodnight, but he can’t pull the trigger on putting Matt out of his misery. Matt comes back with a superkick, but Ibushi with a head kick and tells Omega to do it. Omega hits Goodbye and Goodnight on Matt, then goes for the One Winged Angel, but is reluctant. Matt yells at Omega to “just do it”, and Omega finally does, but Nick breaks up the pin at the last second! “New Japan” chants by the Long Beach crowd.

Nick yells at Omega that its not over as he tries to help Matt up, yelling at Omega about what has it come to. Nick fights back on the Golden Lovers, firing up, but Omega with a V-Trigger, then Ibushi with a Snap German. The Golden Lovers drop down their kneepads and hit Matt with the Golden Trigger to mercifully end this war. Unbelivable!

Winners: The Golden Lovers by pinfall (The Golden Trigger)

Golden Lovers celebrate their win as Nick tends to his fallen brother. We see Omega leave, looking forlorn and heartbroken for what he had to do in the match. Cody Rhodes then gets in and yells at Matt Jackson for losing the match, then knocks down Nick Jackson. Kenny Omega comes back down and chases Cody off. Omega goes to talk to the Bucks and extends his hand to them, helping Nick Jackson up. Omega and Nick embrace, then he goes to help up Matt, but Matt crawls outside and tells Nick to leave. Nick leaves to help Matt to the back.

Omega finally cuts a promo, saying that with war, there is casualities, and in spite of what is going on with the Elite, the silver lining is that the Golden Lovers are back and New Japan is coming back around here soon and they will be in a feature match, whether New Japan likes it or not. Omega then plugs his upcoming match with Cody and the upcoming next US show in San Fran. Goodbye, muwah, and Goodnight, BANG!