Kenny Omega featured in new “Street Fighter” video game

In the video seen above, the new trailer hit for the upcoming “Street Fighter V” video game that will be released on June 26 where New Japan star Kenny Omega is featured in the game as the character “Cody”.

Omega commented on being part of the “Street Fighter” video game via Twitter.

Latest “Being the Elite” episode

The latest episode of the Bullet Club’s “Being the Elite” episode was released on Tuesday and features the following.

* The Young Bucks say goodbye to PWG’s Reseda building

* The first installment of “Marty and Flip take Japan”

* SoCal Uncensored continues to think every city not in Southern California is the worst city in the world

* Kenny Omega begins preparing for his match with Kazuchika Okada at Dominion

* Jay Lethal continues not to know that a certain trigger turns him back into Black Machismo

* Cody’s “presidential campaign rally” doesn’t go as planned, plus he continues to deal with the after-effects of what’s he done, now all alone

* Hangman Page is interrogated about the whereabouts of Joey Ryan, while a man who is hot, spicy and tastes great gives the police surveillance footage of that fateful night in Tokyo