NJPW star Tomoaki Honma making in-ring return following scary neck injury, Okada-Omega II full match

NJPW star Tomoaki Honma making in-ring return following scary neck injury

As mentjoned earlier, NJPW star Tomoaki Honma will be making his in-ring return for New Japan at their June 23rd show in Yamagata, Japan following his announcement this past weekend at Kouraken Hall in Tokyo.

Honma had been sidelined since May 2017 with a serious neck injury that happened during a 6-Man Tag where Honma took a draping DDT from Jado. The match was stopped and Honma was stretchered out. Honma had been temporarily paralyzed from the incident, but was able to regain feeling in his extremities shortly thereafter. Honma had always said since the incident in interviews that his dream was to eventually return to the ring and now he will be able to.

Honma will be teaming with his longtime tag partner, Togi Makabe, on the June 23rd show.

Okada-Omega II full match

New Japan has posted the full one-hour time-limit draw between IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega from last year’s Dominion iPPV in Osaka, in the second match of their series that can be seen below.


Okada and Omega will meet in their fourth match in their series this Saturday at Dominion in Osaka for Okada’s IWGP Championship in a 2/3 Falls Match with No Time Limit.