Mae Young Classic Results

Mae Young Classic Results
August 31, 2017
Commentary: Jim Ross, Lita
Results by: Jason Namako of

Opening video package narrated by Stephanie McMahon highlighted the past and present of women’s wrestling in WWE.

First Round Match: Princesa Sugehit (Mexico) def. Kay Lee Ray (Scotland) to advance

Sugehit won with a Fujiwara Armbar after avoiding Kay Lee Ray’s Swanton. Sugehit is a veteran from CMLL out in Mexico, while Kay Lee Ray is known for her time in SHIMMER plus her home promotion of ICW in Scotland. Full Sail crowd lively throughout this entire show, louder than they were thru the course of the Cruiserweight Classic. Good opener, surprised Kay Lee Ray went out in Round 1.

First Round Match: Serena Deeb (USA) def. Vanessa Borne (USA) to advance

Deeb won with the Spear after avoiding a Borne diving headbutt. Serena is the redemption story of the tournament, making a comeback after being retired for 2 years and formerly being in WWE back in 2010 with the Straight Edge Society. Borne is a NXT prospect, formerly Daniele Kamela, and has a cheerleading and dancing background. Borne, while still under-developed, showed good presence against the veteran babyface in Deeb, who showed great babyface fire.

First Round Match: Shayna Baszler (USA) def. Zeda (China) to advance

Baszler won in a quick match with a Falcon Arrow into a rear naked choke, tapping out Zeda instantly. Baszler is part of the MMA Four Horsewomen, as the other 3 members, Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, were shown at ringside during the match and celebrated with Shayna after. As a way to showcase Baszler, this was very well done and made her an instant threat in the tournament.

Main Event in a First Round Match: Abbey Laith (USA) def. Jazzy Gabert (Germany) to advance

Laith won after countering a Powerbomb with the Alligator Clutch, an old Mae Young staple. Very good main event that saw Gabert be very impressive in defeat, showcasing a ton of power. Laith is the former Kimber Lee from the indies, now a NXT prospect and played a fun underdog babyface. Gabert, the former Alpha Female, showed a ton of presence and looked like a monster. They shook hands after to close out the first episode.