Mae Young Classic Results

Mae Young Classic Results
September 1, 2017
Commentary: Jim Ross, Lita
Results by: Jason Namako of

First Round Match: Mercedes Martinez (USA) def. Xia Li (China) to advance

Martinez won by tapping out Li with a surfboard into a Dragon Sleeper in a short match. Mercedes is known for her time in SHIMMER and WSU, currently holding both titles and is a 15-year veteran, trained by GFW star Homicide. Li is a NXT prospect from China and has a martial arts background. Good showcase for Martinez, while Li got to show off some of her martial arts strikes in defeat.

First Round Match: Rachel Evers (USA) def. Marti Belle (Dominican Republic) to advance

Evers won with an inside cradle after countering Belle. Belle is known for her run in TNA as part of the Dollhouse faction, while Evers is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Paul Ellering, and was trained by former WWE star Lance Storm. Of all the matches in the first round, this was probably the weakest as these two didn’t mesh well at all.

First Round Match: Rhea Ripley (Australia) def. Miranda Salinas (USA) to advance

Ripley won with a Full Nelson in a solid match between two unknowns. Salinas was trained by Booker T, while Ripley is a NXT prospect at 20 years of age and has a punk-rock personality similar to Becky Lynch. While both have a lot more seasoning under their belts to go, this was a perfectly fine match and Ripley got her personality over in a good way during this match.

Main Event in a First Round Match: Mia Yim (South Korea) def. Sarah Logan (USA) to advance

Yim won with the Eat Defeat in a good, hard-hitting main event. Yim is known for her run in TNA as Jade of the Dollhouse, winning the Knockouts Title last year. Logan is the former Crazy Mary Dobson from the indies, now a NXT prospect. Both women looked real good here and also, they did a real classy thing in the pre-match video by allowing Yim to speak about her “Put a Nail in It” campaign to combat domestic violence.