Mae Young Classic Results

Mae Young Classic Results
September 2, 2017
Commentary: Jim Ross, Lita
Results by: Jason Namako of

First Round Match: Toni Storm (Australia) def. Ayesha Raymond (England) to advance

Storm won in a good, solid match with La Magistral after avoiding a top rope splash by Raymond. Storm is one of the top female performers internationally, known for her work in STARDOM and currently the first PROGRESS Women’s Champion and got to show off her unique charisma and personality here. Raymond is known for her time in the UK and has a unique Amazonian look to her. Raymond looked good here, but Storm shone brightly with her aura and charisma.

First Round Match: Dakota Kai (New Zealand) def. Kavita Devi (India) to advance

Kai won with her Around the World Yakuza Kick in the corner. Kai had a good showing, but Devi was very impressive here, especially with it being her first known-of match. Kai is the former Evie, known for her time in SHIMMER and now currently a NXT prospect. Devi, also a NXT prospect, was trained in India by former WWE star The Great Khali.

First Round Match: Bianca BelAir (USA) def. Sage Beckett (USA) to advance

BelAir won with a Spear after hitting Beckett with her hair whip. Solid, hard-hitting match from two of the bigger women in the tournament. Both BelAir and Beckett are NXT prospects, with Beckett being the former Andrea from the indie scene and more notably, Rosie Lottalove in her short run in TNA back in 2010. Both women looked good, but BelAir stood out more with her natural heel charisma and presence, which are both up there for someone of very little experience.

Main Event in a First Round Match: Piper Niven (Scotland) def. Santana Garrett (USA) to advance

Niven won with a Michinoku Driver in a sensational main event, my pick for the best match of the first round from an in-ring standpoint. Niven is the former Viper from the UK indies, known notably for originally being part of the World of Sport iTV revival that was set to begin this year, but was later canned. Santana is a former NWA Women’s Champion and is known for her time in SHIMMER and SHINE, but more notably, known for her run in TNA back in 2014 as the Brittany stalker character. Very good main event with Niven showing great agility for a big woman and Garrett showcasing her natural babyface charisma.