Mae Young Classic Results

Mae Young Classic Results
September 3, 2017
Commentary: Jim Ross, Lita
Results by: Jason Namako of

First Round Match: Candice LeRae (USA) def. Renee Michelle (USA) to advance

LeRae won with her Ms. LeRae’s Wild Ride second-rope swinging neckbreaker in a good, solid match. Candice is most known for her time in PWG as part of the World’s Cutest Tag Team with Joey Ryan and is the wife of NXT star Johnny Gargano. Michelle is known for her time on the indies, working for WSU and ECWA and has a very unique almost doll-like look to her. Michelle looked solid in defeat, while Candice had an impressive showing.

First Round Match: Lacey Evans (USA) def. Taynara Conti (Brazil) to advance

Evans won with a Crunchy variation ala Trent Baretta in a very good match between two NXT prospects. Evans is from a miltary background and brings a very 1950s old-school look to her. Conti is from a judo background and got to showcase it here, including bringing a very fiery, animated attitude throughout that reminded me a lot of former NXT star Sofia Cortez aka Ivelisse. Good stuff here.

First Round Match: Nicole Savoy (USA) def. Reina Gonzalez (USA) to advance

Savoy tapped out Gonzalez with an armbar to advance in what was another match that really didn’t mesh all that well. Gonzalez has a dancing background and is the daughter of former wrestler Ricky Gonzalez. Savoy is known for her time in SHIMMER, becoming their first Heart of SHIMMER Champion last year. Savoy looked good, but the match itself didn’t click.

Main Event in a First Round Match: Kairi Sane (Japan) def. Tessa Blanchard (USA) to advance

Sane won with her much-hyped big top rope elbow drop in a great main event that was the best of the first round from an emotional and dramatic standpoint. Sane is the former Kairi Hojo from STARDOM and is considered one of the best female performers currently going, now a NXT prospect and is known for her pirate-esque persona. Tessa is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard and step-daughter of former NWA US Champion Magnum T.A. and progressed through her improvement in wrestling at a rapid pace since turning pro three years ago at the age of 18. These two meant prior in STARDOM and it currently showed as Sane showed a ton of babyface charisma, while Tessa has taken to the heel role in her short career at a scary churn, constantly showing glimpses of her father’s heel work in her matches. This match, along with Niven-Garrett and Laith-Gabert, are the three matches that garner the highest of recommendations from myself from this first round of action.