Mark sent this in:

Hi, just got back from a Bret Hart autograph signing at Waterstones here in Birmingham, UK. I waited 9 hours to meet him and get his autograph, but it was worth it. I was number 16 of about 650.

Initially the Waterstones manager said he will only be signing the first 150 people. When Bret arrived at 6.00pm, he came back and announced he would sign everyone until 1 hour before he had to leave to go to London tomorrow.

The manager was very pedantic, like no pictures taken, only 10 seconds per person, no going over the table, only shaking his hand, only getting books signed if you brought them from the shop ect… Bret said if people came to see him, he would allow pictures to be taken, can sign the books not brought from Waterstones, as they have paid to buy the book wherever they got it from.

As I was speaking to him, the manager kept telling him to hurry, as there was only 10 seconds per person. Bret ignored him, but eventually told him he would talk to people as long as he wanted. I spoke to him just over a minute and discussed how honest he was in the book, and how great a book it is. He told me he appreciates my support and hopes I enjoy reading the rest of the book (he saw my bookmark about halfway through)

Bret seemed very friendly and polite, caring about his fans. He was signing in Liverpool earlier in the day, and came straight to Birmingham to to this. He seemed happy to be here, and was a class act.