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Welcome to the Armpit wrestling quiz for the week of Monday, April 13, 2009. You?ll be reading this after WrestleMania, but we shouldn?t gloss over the excellent HHH/Orton angle from a few weeks back with Stephanie getting laid out. That angle made such a big impact that it merits its own quiz: ?Family Involvement.?

Answers from last time:

-Various booking committee members over the years for TNA have been Vince Russo, Dutch Mantel, Mike Tenay, Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, Scott D?Amore, Jeremy Borash, and several others with varying degrees of input. The best, by far, was D?Amore. His reward for putting on the best TV shows and PPVs in TNA history was getting dismissed in favor of the worst booker ever, Vince Russo. You?ve got Mick Foley, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Scott D?Amore, and Gabe Sapolsky available to book, and you choose Russo. Unbelievable.

-The KISS performance on WCW Nitro was designed to debut a wrestler named the Demon.

-Test made his debut in conjunction with the performance on Heat and Raw of Motley Crue. Next to the Flair farewell on Raw, that remains the greatest moment in television history.

-Megadeth performed on an MMA PPV put on by Affliction. If I were a metal band from that era with some degree of popularity (Anthrax, Slayer, etc), I?d be angling Affliction for a high paying gig on their next show. That is, if there is a next show.

-The Nitro Girls were Chae (dated Kevin Nash), Skye (Stacy Keibler), Fyre, Kimberly Page (married DDP), Chameleon (aka Ms Jones), Spice, Tygress, Storm (Paisley, now Mrs. Booker T), Syren, Naught-A, Starr, Chiquita (jeez, that’s my dog’s name), AC Jazz, Baby, Gold, Silver, Tayo, and Whisper (Mrs. Shawn Michaels).

-Vader carried Foley on his back and crashed backwards on the ramp, crushing him, on a WCW Halloween Havoc show (1993).

-The million dollar giveaway lasted 3 weeks. I think.

-WBF was the World Bodybuilding Federation, Vince McMahon’s attempt to do for bodybuilding what he did for wrestling. The WBF show on USA was called Body Stars.

-Steve Austin is most famous for being in the movie, ?The Longest Yard.?

-NBC shared half of the XFL’s financial losses with WWE. I?ll bet they wish they had that money today. All it would?ve taken was for someone with common sense to hear the XFL idea and say, ?No.? Well, even if someone had said that, Vince was still gonna do it. And he lost tens of millions of dollars for it. He showed us, huh.

Here are this week’s questions. No winners will be declared. We’re just doing this for fun and to honor the forgotten world of wrestling history.

1. Why did Ric Flair ever get married? And once he was divorced, why did he marry again? He obviously wants to play around, so why not play around and indulge in the single life? Oh well, at least now I think he has figured that out. Ric Flair’s family was shown on a PPV back when David was just a young teenager. Flair was shown leaving home, driving to the arena in Charlotte, and wrestling against whom?

2. David Flair popped up in angle again, this time in WWE after WCW died. He was in OVW at the time, and the guy Ric Flair was feuding with showed up at OVW and beat the living snot out of David. It was shown on Raw to build heat for the feud. Very memorable, original, effective angle. Who dished out this beating on David?

3. Talk about a good angle that didn?t deliver, thanks to politics. The Undertaker’s wife at the time, Sara, was stalked night and day by a mysterious man who wanted to get inside the Undertaker’s head. The stalker turned out to be whom?

4. Brian Pillman’s wife Melanie is well remembered from that Pillman/Austin home invasion and gunshot angle in 1997. What magazine did Melanie pose for before she was with Pillman?

5. Jim Ross isn?t known for involving his family in the business, but one time he brought his daughter to a WCW taping in Atlanta. The camera showed her looking bored out of her mind (in those days, people would fall asleep at the tapings and the WCW crew had to wake them up in case the camera showed them), and Ross proudly pointed her out. Name the ?arena? WCW taped their Saturday TBS shows in during the 90s in Atlanta.

6. Raven and Sandman did some family related angles in ECW around ?96 or so. Sandman’s wife, Peaches, had done ECW angles from the very start of Heyman’s booking reign, but this time they involved Sandman’s young son. Name him.

7. TNA could?ve done good business with their own version of Lesnar vs. Couture. Instead of getting Brock and Randy, they could?ve gotten their wives, Rena and Kim. I was going to suggest this to TNA until I found out Rena was ?with child.? Too bad, that could?ve been interesting. Oh well. Rena ?Sable? Mero was a gigantic star in 1998/1999, and I mean gigantic. We all know of her Playboy pictorial, but what other major weekly magazine did she grace the cover of? Several wrestlers also did this during the 90s boom, and it was just amazing seeing it at the newsstands back then.

8. This is for you out there who were around in the mid 90s and really followed the ECW scene. Explain what ?Cane Dewey? was.

9. Which of the following relationships are false?

a) Ref Joey Marella was Gorilla Monsoon’s son
b) Lanny Poffo was Randy Savage’s half brother
c) Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake are brothers
d) Arn and Ole Anderson are cousins
e) Jake Roberts was the brother-in-law of Sam Houston
f) Big Show is Andre the Giant’s son
g) Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart were cousins
h) Lance Von Erich was Fritz’s son
i) Bob Holly and Crash Holly were brothers
j) Hornswoggle is Vince McMahon’s son
k) Matt and Jeff Hardy are brothers
l) Rick and Scott Steiner are brothers
m) Jerry Lawler and Honkytonk Man are cousins

Answers will be posted next time.

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