Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in:

Kayfabe Commentaries to Partner with The History of WWE.com for Project

The producer of the critically acclaimed shoot DVD series “Guest Booker” and “YouShoot” has today announced a partnership with TheHistoryofWWE.com for their latest series. The show, “Timeline: The History of WWE,” will launch this month with its series premiere profiling the year 1987. Each volume of the series will highlight a different year, as told by a major WWE star of that time.

TheHistoryOFWWE.com website is the brainchild of Graham Cawthon and is the largest collection of historical data on the WWE. Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver says that his company and Cawthon’s are a perfect marriage to promote this new DVD series.

“Our new series brings Graham’s collection of information to life,” Oliver said. “This partnership creates a perfect multimedia experience for fans. One product compliments the other and enhances the experience.” Kayfabe Commentaries said this is not the only multimedia partnership it will announce this year.

The first volume of “Timeline: The History of WWE” will be released on April 16 and will spotlight 1987, as told by The Honky Tonk Man. Web surfers viewing the show’s page on Kayfabe Commentaries’ website can click a link and access TheHistoryofWWE.com’s voluminous collection of data, results, gate receipts, ratings and info about each year that the series profiles. Kayfabe Commentaries plans to release three editions of the show in 2009.

Oliver says this venture is tailor made for the wrestling historian at heart. “We always seek to create a robust product, one which is complete. Our show and Graham’s site is a combination pro wrestling info junkies will find completely engrossing.”

Kayfabe Commentaries has released a special 10-minute Sneak Preview of “Timeline: The History of WWE – 1987 As Told by the Honky Tonk Man.” You can view it at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.