UFC has posted a brief countdown clip focusing on former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks making his return to the octagon this Saturday night at UFC 225 in Chicago.

Punk will face Mike Jackson, another fighter who is also 0-1 in his UFC career. Both Punk and Jackson lost to Mickey Gall in the UFC.

Jackson told TMZ Sports back in April that while he likes Punk, he doesn’t think fighting is for him as Punk tries to make up for his lackluster debut at UFC 203.

“I hear he’s a cool dude. I don’t have ill will against him. I’m not going in here to hurt him. You know, I’m just going in here to beat him up a little bit and show him this (is) not for him.”

UFC President Dana White stated publicly that he is confident that Punk will be a Pay Per View draw for the company this Saturday, while UFC commentator Joe Rogan remained critical of the UFC putting the Punk vs. Jackson fight on the main card for UFC 225.

You can check out UFC’s preview of the fight above.