UFC 225 Live Results

Live coverage of CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall at UFC 225 will take place tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern (9:00 CT) available on Pay Per View from Chicago.

Both Punk and Jackson made weight yesterday for the fight, with Punk weighing in at 169 pounds and Jackson weighing in at 170.5.

Video package airs focusing on CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson tonight.

Jackson is out first.

Punk makes the walk second, coming out to “Cult of Personality.”

CM Punk (0-1) vs. Mike Jackson (0-1)

First Round: Punk throwing kicks early. Jackson cracks Punk with a shot. Punk lands a right hand. Jackson backs up. Punk throws a knee at Jackson against the cage in the clinch. Loud “CM PUNK” chants in Chicago. Jackson pushing Punk against the cage. Jackson pushes off. Punk missing shots. Jackson lands a few jabs. Punk throws another right. Punk throws a right as Jackson backs up. Back to the clinch with Jackson pushing Punk against the cage. Punk throws a knee to the body of Jackson. Punk shoots for a takedown. Jackson stays on his feet. Punk going for a single. Jackson is staying on his feet avoiding the takedown. 1:45 left of the first round as Jackson pushes off. Punk throws a right and left as Jackson backs off. Jackson throwing jabs. Jackson stuffs another takedown attempt by Punk. Jackson throwing jabs and backing off. Punk is throwing bombs and Jackson is avoiding a lot of it. Punk with a takedown on Jackson. Jackson is back up and hits a body shot. Jackson has Punk backed against the cage as the round ends.

Punk will likely take the first round, 10-9.

Second Round: Jackson steps up with some strikes early. “CM PUNK” chants are back. Jackson landing more shots. Punk goes for another takedown and Jackson steps back to the cage. Jackson pushing Punk against the cage and backs off. Punk lands a jab. Jackson throwing more shots that land. Punk throwing bombs walking forward. Jackson backing off. Jackson lands a big right hand. Jackson with an elbow. Punk jumps on Jackson looking for a guillotine. Punk pulls Jackson down. Punk lets go of the guillotine attempt. Punk pulls guard on Jackson. Punk is starting to look tired. Jackson is taking his time over Punk. Jackson with some right hands. Punk isn’t doing much work on his back. Punk starting to work with 2:30 to go in the second round. Punk is busted open as Jackson throws more shots. Punk makes an effort for a triangle. Jackson avoids it and is throwing small shots at Punk. Jackson throwing more shots as Punk remains on his back. Joe Rogan is saying Punk should be applying basics at this point on the ground. Jackson lands an elbow.

Commentary arguing possible 10-8 round for Jackson. Punk didn’t do much off his back.

Third Round: Punk throws a right. Jackson with a jab. Punk gets Jackson in the clinch backing him up against the cage. Jackson avoids a shooting takedown attempt by Punk. Jackson backs Punk against the cage and backs off. Punk is tired and misses a hand. Jackson with a shot that drops Punk back. Jackson stands back up and lets Punk get to his feet. Punk throwing shots that miss. He looks tired. Jackson taking his time. Jackson lands a right on Punk. Punk backs Jackson into the cage and efforts for a takedown. Commentary is wondering why Jackson isn’t trying to put the fight away. Jackson with a big right and Punk stays up. Jackson throws off a takedown attempt by Punk. Jackson throwing shots. Punk is still coming back and not giving up. Jackson gets Punk down with 1:40 to go in the final round. Jackson keeps Punk down and is throwing shots. One minute to go as Jackson throws body shots with Punk on his back near the cage. Jackson in side control. Punk rolls to his stomach. Punk on his knees. Punk pushes Jackson on his back. That’s it.

The fight goes the distance. It’s likely Jackson took that round 10-9.

We await the final result from the judges.

Scores: All three judges score it 30-26. Mike Jackson winner by unanimous decision.

Winner: Mike Jackson (via unanimous decision)

No post-fight comments from CM Punk tonight with Joe Rogan.

Also, don’t forget to join us live on YouTube for a review of the fight after it concludes.