UFC President Dana White spoke with media after UFC 225 last night to discuss the card in Chicago and was asked about CM Punk’s second professional fight with the promotion.

Punk, who lost to Mike Jackson via unanimous decision after three rounds, appears to be done with the promotion in regards to landing a third fight.

White seemed to confirm this during the press conference with media.

“It’s probably, it should be a wrap. The guy’s 39 years old. I love the guy. He’s the nicest guy in the world. We gave him two shots, you know. He had a lot of heart tonight in this fight. Yeah, I think he should call it a wrap.”

White was also asked to respond to the heart Punk showed in his loss to Jackson.

“He did, man. Listen, he got clipped a lot in that fight. It looked like he was hurt bad a couple of times. He stayed in there. He went for three rounds. Michael Jackson, I’m not happy with. This guy was acting like a goofball tonight. You get this opportunity to come in and fight CM Punk and you’re doing like, bolo punches to the body on top? Never looked like he was trying to finish the fight ever. Right? Looked like he could have finished the fight a few times. Never tried. I don’t know what that guy did for a living before we gave him this shot, whatever it was he needs to go back and do that again. He’s 0-2 as far as I’m concerned.”

White also pulled no punches about the actual fight itself.

“I got the sense that he’s (Jackson) a complete f*cking idiot and I couldn’t wait for that fight to end. I regretted not putting it on Fight Pass.”

You can check out the full post-fight press conference above courtesy of MMA Fighting.