Brock Lesnar is featuring an article with comments from UFC President Dana White addressing current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and his current status.

White indicated that Lesnar’s deal with WWE was up in a few months, seeming to confirm reports that Lesnar’s extension would only take him through SummerSlam.

“Brock’s WWE deal is up at the end of the summer I think and I know he wants to fight so I’m sure we’ll end up getting that figured out.”

White also noted that a fight with Jon Jones is still a very real possibility.

“(Ngannou)’s a fine fight, absolutely. There’s a lot of options. Jon Jones is very interested in Brock Lesnar and Brock is very interested in Jon Jones.”

Discussion on CM Punk’s loss at UFC 225

If you missed it over the weekend, Wrestleview Live returned on YouTube to discuss CM Punk’s loss to Mike Jackson at UFC 225 on Saturday night.

You can check out the full episode on YouTube now.

An audio version of the show is also available on iTunes and SoundCloud.