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Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for April 2

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*New Releases*

AAW DVD February 21, 2009 “Bloody Valentine 2009” – Berwyn, IL
1. Mason Beck vs. Krotch
2. Zero Gravity vs. Faith In Nothing vs. Chandler McClure & Jordan McEntyre vs. Knight Wagner & Brandon Blaze
3. Silas Young vs. Shiima Xion
4. Arik Cannon & The North Star Express vs. Tyler Black, Shane Hollister & M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross
5. Tyler Black vs. Chandler McClure
6. Ryan Boz vs. Dewey Dawson
7. Ryan Boz vs. Nick Brubaker
8. Danny Daniels vs. Jimmy Jacobs
9. The Phoenix Twins vs. Josh Raymond & Christian Able

Price: $15

Ohio Hatchet Wrestling DVD March 21, 2009 “New Blood” – Logan, OH
1. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Zac Vincent
2. Super Oprah vs. Matt Taylor
3. Eric Steele vs. Colton Collins
4. TLC Match: The Bastard Sons of Rock N’ Roll vs. The Day Brothers
5. 1000 Thumbtacks & 1000 Jacks: Mad Man Pondo vs. Thumbtack Jack
6. No Rope Barbed Wire Match: Viper vs. Elkview Adam

Price: $15

Insane Championship Wrestling DVD Feb. 27 & March 20, 2009 – Milwaukee, WI
This DVD release features two complete shows from ICW. Both shows are shot with 1 camera.
ICW “Milwaukee Power Series” Milwaukee, WI 2-27-09
1. Battle Royal
2. Dysfunction vs. Agradora Armani, The Ninja & Angel Armani
3. Mason Quinn vs. Mickey McCoy
4. The Canadian Foundatin vs. Blazing Benjamin & Trevor Gibbson
5. Matt Longtime vs. Dinn T. More
6. The Russian vs. Shane Hollister
7. Ryan Rogue & TC Washington vs. Silas Young & Bobby V
8. Justin Dredd vs. Shasta Von Goro Jr. vs. Chris Black vs.TWIII
9. Chase McCoy vs. Danny Havoc (Toolbox Deathmatch)

ICW “Road to the Classic” Milwaukee, WI 3-20-09
1. Troy Walters vs. Mickey McCoy
2. Mace Morgan & Chris Black vs. TWIII & Mark Priebe
3. Blazin Benjamin & Trevor Gibson vs. The Canadian Foundation
4. Mace Morgan & Chris Black vs. Blazing Benjamin & Trevor Gibson
5. Dysfunction vs. Bobby Valentino (No DQ Match)
6. Silas Young & Mason Quinn vs. Dr. X & Dinn T. More
7. The Ninja vs. Brian Skyline vs. Brett Michaels vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Agadora Armoni
8. Justin Dredd vs. Kody Rice vs. Chase McCoy
9. Kevin Thorn vs. Ryan Rogue

Price: $15

HWA DVD “Ladies First Volume 2”
1. Pie Eating Contest: Neveah vs. H2O
2. Jenelle Sinclair vs. Kara Killdare
3. Madison vs. Hellena Heavenly
4. AJ Sparxx vs. Jenelle Sinclair
5. ODB vs. Mary Elizabeth Monroe
6. Mary Elizabeth Monroe vs. Neveah vs. Ashley Lane
7. Ashley Lane & Neveah vs. Hailey Hatred & Mary Elizabeth Monroe
8. Ashley Lane & Neveah vs. Sassie Stephie & Angeldust
9. Kara Killdare & Jenelle Sinclair vs. Hellena Heavenly & AJ Sparxx
10. Krissy Vaine & Jenny Taylor vs. Hellena Heavenly & AJ Sparxx

Price: $15

wXw DVD February 7, 2009 “100” – Oberhausen, Germany
This is the 100st show of Westside Xtreme Wrestling. Claudio Castagnoli who had been in the first wXw match ever returns to Germany and fights the super-interesting British upstart Zack Sabre jr in an amazing 30 minutes iron man match that exceeded every expectation.
Thumbtack Jack versus Adam Polak gets way out of hand and degenerates into a ridiculously stiff brawl with Polak slicing TJs arm way open. Flesh is hanging out of the wound with a disgusted crowd witnessing it all.
Also, there is the very good tag title match between champs Williams & Stone and challengers The Thrillers. This is an all-English bout with loads of action.
For fans of absolute trash wrestling we have included the first ever wXw show that took place at christmas day around 1am in the morning. Music is playing and there isn’t a single wrestling fan in the crowd that consists of drug addicts and homeless people seeking shelter.

wXw “100”
1. Michael Kovac vs Absolute Andy
2. Adam Polak vs Thumbtack Jack
3. 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Claudio Castagnoli
4. Dan Marshall Trial Series: Steve Douglas vs Dan Marshall
5. Doug Williams & Martin Stone vs The Thrillers (Haskins & Redman)
6. Bad Bones (c) vs Winner of Match #1

wXw December 24, 2000 “1” – Essen, Germany
1. Sigmasta Rappo vs Double C (Claudio Castagnoli)
2. Mark Hammer vs Tyrant
3. Blue Adonis vs Rolf D. Mittelstedt vs Barish
4. Euro Threat vs Sigmasta Rappo & Mark Hammer

Price: $15

Doug Williams DVD “Best Of Doug Williams in wXw”
This is a new series of wXw dvds. Starting with an interview for about half an hour there is material from both wXw as well as outside promotions that the wrestler in question chose himself.
Who better to start such a release series than Doug Williams who has been one of the premier European wrestlers for the last decade and who has never sat down to do a shoot interview. Watch Doug battle the likes of Chris Daniels, Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, Rocky Romero and Nigel over a timespan of five years.
1. Interview
2. FWA London Calling, 25.10.2002 – Doug Williams vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jody Fleisch
3. wXw Fight Club 2005 – BURNING – 13.11.2005 – Doug Williams vs. Low Ki
4. wXw 16 Carat Gold 2006 – 28.01.2006 – Doug Williams vs. Rocky Romero
5. wXw True Colors 2006 – Day 2 – 23.07.2006 – Doug Williams vs. Ares
6. wXw 16 Carat Gold 2007 – 05.05.2007 – Doug Williams vs. Nigel McGuinness

Price: $15

IWA-MS 4/3 – Bellevue, IL
IWA-MS 4/4 – Joliet, IL
CZW 4/11 – Philadelphia, PA
NEW 4/18 – Honesdale, PA
NEW 4/24 – Newburgh, NY
Chikara 4/25 – Easton, PA
Chikara 4/26 – Philadelphia, PA

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Psycho Sid Promotions sent this in:

The New Psycho Sid Vicious Shoot Interview from April 1 2009 is now Playing at
This was one of the Most funny and Memorable Interviews Sid Vicious has ever done.

Sid Vicious returned to IYH for a very entertaining 90 minute interview. Sid discussed many topics such as Halloween Havoc with the fake Sting, his come back, the NWA, working at Wrestlemania vs Undertaker and Hulk Hogan, Harvey Whippleman, Ole Anderson, Bill Watts, Eric Bischoff, Vader, AWA, Bruiser Brody, Bam Bam Bigelow, Nord the Barbarian, ECW, Paul Heyman, Tazz, David Marquez, the NWA, His Goal to Come back to WWE in 2009 and so much more !!!

For all the news on what Sid is up to now please visit:
The Official Myspace of Psycho Sid Vicious