Cody (Rhodes) has opened a new official YouTube channel where the first video features Cody joining Nick and Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) to discuss the story around creating the ALL IN event that takes place this September in Chicago.

Nick addresses the narrative that they are only holding the event to rich.

“Some people think we are getting rich. (laughs) That’s completely the opposite. We are probably going to break even, at the end of the day. We don’t realize how much goes into an actual show. Every day it’s like oh – we gotta pay for that guys flight. I forgot. Or we have to get this guys travel.”

Matt also commented on the pressure of selling 10,000 tickets in 30 minutes.

“Now everybody’s hopes are so high. We have to have a home run. We have to. If we don’t give them a home run, it’s like, the people are like, oh – like, I’m so glad I flew here from like Europe. You know what I mean?”

You can check out the full episode above.

It was confirmed earlier this week that ALL IN will be broadcasted in some form. It was not made clear if the show will broadcast live or be available on-demand later.

Starrcast convention offering Gold tickets

After initial Platinum and Silver tickets sold out, the Starrcast convention taking place during ALL IN weekend are now offering Gold tickets at $129 over at

Just a quick reminder that Wrestleview will be at Starrcast live!