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They are some of the most historic wrestling venues in the world. Madison Square Garden. The Boston Garden. The Philadelphia Spectrum. The Omni.

The History of is proud to announce new additions to its growing resource of ring results which detail the in-ring history of the:

Philadelphia Civic Center
It was one of the hotspots for the WWWF. Over time, after the promotion moved into the nearby Spectrum, the NWA and later WCW made it one of its home bases in the northeast.

Baltimore Arena
If there was one city that the WWF and WCW consistently fought over, it was Baltimore. It hosted everything from Saturday Night’s Main Event and the King of the Ring to the Crockett Cup and was the perennial host of the Great American Bash.

Georgia Dome
Though used only a handful of times by both the WWF and WCW during the Monday Night Wars, the Georgia Dome Raws and Nitros drew tens of thousands of fans.

It’s synonymous with the iconic stare-down between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. But did you know the WWF ran the Silverdome well before and after WrestleMania 3?

These new sections join pages already up covering MSG, Boston Garden, Spectrum, Capital Centre, Maple Leaf Gardens, and the Omni.

In addition, new sections have been added detailing the history of Wargames, with results from every Wargames match in NWA/WCW history, and a section covering the annual Great American Bash tours, with results from the Bash shows.

These sections, like everything else posted, are works in progress.

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Graham Cawthon