ROH Best in the World PPV Results – 6/29/18 (Castle retains ROH Title live from Baltimore)

ROH Best in the World PPV Results

ROH Best in the World PPV Results

ROH Best in the World PPV Results
June 29, 2018
Baltimore, Maryland (UMBC Event Center)
Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana
Results by: Jason Namako of

Opening video package highlights tonight’s top matches. Commentary welcomes us live from Baltimore.

ROH 6-Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan and “The Horror King” Vinny Marseglia) (c’s) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, “Cold Skull” SANADA and “The Death Mask” BUSHI)

Kingdom come out with a little girl in a yellow rain jacket ala the movie, IT, handing Vinny Marseglia a balloon. Kingdom double team EVIL early. EVIL fires back, knocks down O’Ryan. Taven in, but EVIL with a side slam. SANADA in, standing moonsault for 2. Series of standing switches, BUSHI tags in. Marseglia tags in also. Marseglia goes for the mask, then it breaks down to a 6-way brawl. Taven then mocks LIJ leader Tetsuya Naito by feigning a dive. SANADA nails Taven, hiptosses O’Ryan onto Taven. LIJ double-teams O’Ryan for 2. Kingdom come back on EVIL with a triple-team hot-shot.

O’Ryan in, more double-teaming by the Kingdom on EVIL for 2. Marseglia in, EVIL fights back, O’Ryan blind tags in, spinebuster to EVIL for 2. Crowd wills on EVIL. EVIL fires out of the corner, then blocks an O’Ryan clothesline and the uses the referee to hit O’Ryan with a low kick.

SANADA and Taven get the hot tags. SANADA takes down Taven, dropkick to O’Ryan. SANADA then hooks Taven in the Paradise Lock. O’Ryan tries for the Paradise Lock, but doesn’t know how to do it. SANADA traps O’Ryan now in the Paradise Lock and releases them both with a double dropkick to the posteriors. SANADA gets 2 on Taven. Marseglia distracts SANADA with the balloons, then the Kingdom go for Rockstar Supernova, but SANADA with a rana to O’Ryan to counter out. Kingdom break up the Magic Killer and Taven drills SANADA with a running basement knee for a close 2. SANADA blocks the Climax by Taven and dropkicks his previously injured knee. BUSHI tags in, missile dropkick to Taven. Double rana to Taven and O’Ryan. LIJ triple-team Taven, BUSHI with a backstabber, Kingdom breaks it up. Kingdom now triple-team BUSHI, German Suplex/Springboard Elbow combo, EVIL breaks up the pin. EVIL clotheslines Marseglia. O’Ryan with a Pele to EVIL. SANADA locks O’Ryan in Skull End, Taven stops it. BUSHI misses hitting the mist on Taven, Rockstar Supernova (Triple Powerbomb) by the Kingdom to BUSHI to retain the titles.

Winner and STILL ROH 6-Man Tag Team Champions: The Kingdom by pinfall (Rockstar Supernova)

Grudge Match #1: Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon

Bully tries to ask Flip from behind during his entrance, but Flip sees it coming and superkicks Bully twice, spears him and wipes out Bully with two flip dives. Flip then with a springboard forearm, sending Bully over the barricade. Flip reigns in right hands to Bully outside. Bully sent into the ringpost and Flip with more right hands. Back in, Flip hits the Samoan Pop, a Running Shooting Star Press and a Second Rope Moonsault for 2. Bully comes back with a Vader-style avalanche attack.

Bully with an overhand chop, then goes for the Vader Bomb, but Flip moves out of the way. Crowd chants for the late Vader. Flip goes for the Star Spangled Stunner, but Bully kicks him low, referee rings the bell.

Winner: Flip Gordon by disqualification

Afterwards, Bully grabs a trash can from ringside, and a steel chair. Bully drills Flip in the leg with the chair multiple times. Eli Isom runs in to try and make the save, but he is laid out by Bully. Bully with more chairshots to Flip’s leg. Cheeseburger runs out and goes after Bully, but Bully kicks him low and powerbombs Cheeseburger. Bully grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up. Isom sent into the ringpost by Bully. Referee Todd Sinclair tries to stop Bully, but he shoves him down. Bully goes to powerbomb Flip through the table, but Colt Cabana leaves commentary and grabs a chair to stop Bully. Bully shoves away the table and leaves the ring. Crowd chants for Cabana as Bully leaves.

Women of Honor 8-Woman Tag: Women of Honor 8-Woman Tag:Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai, Tenille Dashwood, Jenny Rose and Mayu Iwutani vs. Kelly Klein, Kagetsu, Hana Kimura, and Hazuki vs. “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein and Oedo Tai (World of STARDOM Champion Kagetsu, Hana Kimura and Hazuki)

Sakai and Kagetsu have a staredown with their championships before the bell. Sakai and Kagetsu will start. Kagetsu goes right to the eyes, hitting a spin kick to the ribs. Kagetsu blocks Smash Mouth and they trade slaps. Kimura tags in, walks right past Sakai and wants Tenille. Tenille tags in. Kimura knocks Tenille down and mocks her. Tenille then unloads with shots on Kimura. Tenille with a Russian Leg Sweep for 2. Rose tags in, corner avalanche and a Fisherwoman’s Suplex for 2. Kimura comes back with a dropkick. Klein tags in and stomps away at Rose. Rose with a Victory Roll for 2. Rolling Prawn Hold for another 2, but Klein comes back with a clothesline for 2. Rose with a Sunset Flip for 2. Schoolgirl by Rose for a 1 count. Hazuki and Iwutani tag in, Iwutani hits a Slingblade. Sakai in, double-team on Hazuki. Kagetsu trips up Sakai and Oedo Tai and Klein works over the babyfaces. Double-teaming by Oedo Tai on Sakai. Klein in, lures the ref to be with the babyfaces while all of Oedo Tai chokes Sakai in the ropes. Klein with knee strikes from a cravat, followed by a Victim Kick for 2. Snap suplex, but Sakai counters with a DDT.

Tenille gets the hot tag and makes a comeback. Neckbreaker in the ropes by Tenille on Klein, but Kagetsu goes after Tenille. Oedo Tai with more double-teaming, but Tenille fights back and hits Kimura and Kagetsu with a Taste of Tenille. Tenille with a Tarantula in the ropes on Klein, followed by a crossbody for 2. Kagetsu nails Tenille from behind, Kimura tags in. Tenille avoids another double-team, Iwutani tags in and hits them with a missile dropkick. Rose spears Hazuki, Tenille with a butterfly suplex on Kimura, Frog Splash by Iwutani, pin is broken up. Kagetsu hits Iwutani with a sign to the back, followed by a pump kick by Kimura. Iwutani counters a suplex with a guillotine choke, but Kimura counters out into a delayed suplex for a close 2. “This is awesome” chants by Baltimore. Oedo Tai distracts the ref, but Kagetsu accidentally hits Kimura with the sign. Saki heads up top and wipes out everyone with a top rope crossbody outside! Kimura counters a Dragon Suplex, but Iwutani with a big boot. Dragon Suplex this time hits for the win.

Winners: Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai, Tenille Dashwood, Jenny Rose and Mayu Iwutani by pinfall (Dragon Suplex)

Babyfaces celebrate after, while Iwutani and Tenille point to Sakai’s Women of Honor Championship.

Grudge Match #2: Impact Champion “The Belt Collector” Austin Aries vs. “The Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King

Commentary does mention Aries as the Impact Champion, with Cabana making a reference that they probably can’t say that. Feeling-out process early. Aries with a big chop, then backdrops King outside. Both men counter each other’s finishers until King rakes the back of Aries and hits a clothesline. King stomps away at Aries and sweeps the leg. King again sweeps the leg and makes some Karate Kid references. Seated abdominal stretch applied. Aries comes back by sending King outside. King with another sweep of the leg outside. Aries breaks the 20 count, but gets his legs swept out again by King. Back in, King gets 2. Chinlock applied, but Aries sends King outside to get free. King fights back, but Aries dropkicks the ropes to stop a springboard, sending King crashing hard outside.

Aries heads up top and hits King with a Randy Savage-style double sledge outside. Aries sends King into the barricade, then rakes his back. Back in, Aries with a senton atomico for 2. Aries with a Victim Kick and a second rope back elbow to the back of King’s head for 2. More Victim Kicks by Aries, but King fires back. Aries sends King back outside, then hits a knee drop off the apron across the back of King’s head. Aries with an elbow drop while King is across the apron for 2. Aries is getting frustrated. Chinlock applied, but King gets free and goes downstairs. King plays possum outside and blocks a suplex back in, hot-shotting Aries. King with a springboard blockbuster for 2.

Flying corner back elbow by King, followed by a T-Bone Suplex. Aries goes to the eyes to block the Royal Flush, then hits the kneebreaker/back suplex combo, followed by locking King in the Last Chancery, but King gets to the ropes. They go to the apron, where Aries hits a neckbreaker across the ropes, sending King outside. Aries goes for the Heat Seeking Missile, but King catches him in mid-air with an enziguri! King can’t lift Aries back in and breaks the ref’s 20 count. Aries spits at King, causing King to unload on Aries outside. Aries tries to beg off, saying he is King’s friend and King relents, dropping Aries down back in the ring. Back in, Aries with an inside cradle for 2. Royal Flush by King, but Aries gets his foot on the ropes! Aries rolls outside as we have dueling chants in Baltimore. Aries goes to leave, but King wipes him out with a twisting plancha! King holds up the Impact title belt and goes to hit Aries, but Aries again begs off. King again relents, allowing Aries to drill him outside with the Brainbuster! “You Killed Kenny” chants by the crowd. Back in, King surprises Aries with an inside cradle. Aries comes back with the Discus Fivearm and another Brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Impact Champion “The Belt Collector” Austin Aries by pinfall (Brainbuster)

Special Single Match: “The Franchise of ROH” Jay Lethal vs. “Time Splitter” KUSHIDA

KUSHIDA does not adhere to the Code of Honor, surprising Lethal before the bell. Chain wrestling early until we have a stalemate. Dueling chants by the crowd. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle attempt. More chain wrestling, Lethal with a shoulder tackle. KUSHIDA avoids Lethal’s dropkick combo and hits his dropkick combo, then wipes out Lethal with two somersault planchas. KUSHIDA goes for a trifecta of dives, ala Lethal, and hits the third. Back in, KUSHIDA with a series of double sledges off the top, ala Randy Savage, mocking Savage on the third. Chinlock applied, then KUSHIDA with a Standing Moonsault for a 1 count. Lethal blocks a suplex, then they battle over a suplex back-and-forth until Lethal counters a back handspring with a kick to the quads. Lethal stomps away, then hits a kick to the back of KUSHIDA’s leg. Lethal goes to work on KUSHIDA’s leg. Kneebreaker by Lethal, but KUSHIDA fights back. Lethal with another kneebreaker, then hits more stomps to the leg. We see that KUSHIDA’s leg is taped up. Lethal then drives KUSHIDA’s knee into the turnbuckle for 2. Deathlock variation applied by Lethal. KUSHIDA is able to get to the ropes. Lethal continues to work on the leg and gets 2. Lethal with a little Flair strut, but KUSHIDA stops the Figure Four. Lethal hits a Triangle Dropkick, sending KUSHIDA outside, then hits his trifecta of tope suicidas, however on the third, KUSHIDA grabs him in mid-air and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Back in, KUSHIDA with kicks to the arm of Lethal. Lethal goes for the Lethal Combination, but KUSHIDA counters with a roll-up for 2. Lethal then this time hits the Lethal Combination for 2. Lethal fiegns going for the Figure Four, but instead heads up top and goes for Hail to the King, but KUSHIDA avoids it. Lwthal catches KUSHIDA off a back handspring and locks him in the Torture Rack. Lethal goes for Hail to the King, but KUSHIDA catches him in mid-air and locks Lethal in a cross armbreaker. Lethal counters with a pin attempt for 2, then locks KUSHIDA in the Figure Four. KUSHIDA gets to the ropes. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. They exchange strikes and pieface each other. Kick exchange until KUSHIDA gains advantage and hits a big slap. KUSHIDA now does the Code of Honor, but Lethal with a Pump Kick. KUSHIDA with a PK to the arm, but Lethal with an enziguri. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but KUSHIDA counters into the Hoverboard Lock. KUSHIDA stops Lethal from making the ropes, but Lethal counters Back to the Future and goes for the Figure Four. KUSHIDA counters that, but Lethal again counters Back to the Future with a cutter. Lethal with a Superkick and this time hits the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: “The Franchise of ROH” Jay Lethal by pinfall (Lethal Injection)

Lethal and KUSHIDA shake hands after.

Silas Young joins commentary for the next match.

ROH Television Championship, Baltimore Street Fight: Punishment Martinez (c) vs. Hangman Page

Punishment comes out wearing red face paint and flanked by his demon followers. Page comes out with new music. Pre-match intros, but they interrupt them and go right to brawling. Page clotheslines Punishment outside. They brawl around ringside, Page wipes out Punishment with a tope suicida. Punishment sent into the barricade multiple times. Page grabs a table, but Punishment knocks him down. Page now with a chair as they head back in. Page throws the chair at Punishment, then wedges the chair in the turnbuckles. Punishment blocks it, but is then sent back-first into the wedged chair. Back outside, Page sets up the table against the ringpost. Page with a big boot, but Punishment counters the Shooting Star Shoulder Block and hits a Last Ride Apron Powerbomb, followed by a Chokeslam across the barricade! Punishment pulls out several chairs, then hits a chairshot to the back of Page. Punishment drives Page into the barricade, then sets up a chair platform. Page fights back, counters a Chokeslam, but is sent back into the barricade. Page avoids a big boot, crotching Punishment across the barricade. They head up on top of the barricade and Page suplexes Punishment off the barricade and to the floor! Back in, Page with a Northern Lariat in the corner, but Punishment turns him inside out with a clothesline! Punishment grabs another chair, but Page with a Package Tombstone onto the chair for a close 2. They go onto the apron as Page goes for Rite of Passage, but Punishment comes back with a Curb Stomp onto the apron. Punishment with a head kick, then has a zip-tie and zip-ties Page’s wrists together. Page fights back, but Punishment with another head kick. Punishment with a Curb Stomp onto the chair for 2. Punishment with a table now and sets it up in the ring. Page spits at Punishment and fights back, breaking the zip-tie. Back outside, Page spears Punishment into the table outside! Page heads up top and wipes out Punishment with an Orihara Moonsault! Crowd chants for Page. Back in, Punishment with a big boot to Page, sending him into the chair platform outside! Back in, Punishment has a bag of thumbtacks and dumps them in the ring. Page blocks a powerbomb and backdrops Punishment into the tacks! Punishment blocks the Rite of Passage and hits South of Heaven through the table to retain the title, although it looked like Punishment’s shoulders were down as he fell on top of Page.

Winner and STILL ROH Television Champion: Punishment Martinez by pinfall (South of Heaven)

ROH Tag Team Championships: #DemBoys The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) (c’s) vs. IWGP Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Nice hometown reaction for The Briscoes, who live up the road in Sandy Fork, Delaware. Pre-match intros for this one. LOUD dueling chants before the bell sounds. Nick and Mark start. Nick with a lucha armdrag, then they go nose-to-nose. Nick nails Jay off the apron, then hits right hands on Mark. Jay sends Nick outside, but Nick with a head kick. Briscoes gain control on Nick. Matt comes in, but Jay with right hands. Bucks now with their double-teams on the Briscoes. Briscoes block a double superkick and they go nose-to-nose again, unloading with right hands. Briscoes gain advantage, but they are drilled with stereo superkicks. Alley-Oop dropkick by Nick to the Briscoes. Bucks hit more double-teams on Jay, but Jay stops another on Mark and hits a clothesline. Redneck Boogie by the Briscoes on Matt for 2. Mark stomps away at Matt in the corner. Jay in, running boot to Matt in the corner. Corner avalanche by Jay and a basement dropkick for 2. Mark in as the Briscoes take control. Matt fights back, but Jay chokes him as the ref is with Mark. Jay tags in, Matt avoids a double team and superkicks Jay outside. Mark blocks a tag, but Jay pulls Matt outside. Mark accidentally hits Jay with a Wrecking Ball dropkick. Matt then with a Diamond Dust to Mark outside. Nick off the hot tag and wipes out the Briscoes with a run-up-the-ropes Tornillo dive! Head kick to Mark, kick to Jay, spinning back elbow to Mark, windmill kick to Jay, Running knee strike to Mark, bulldog/clothesline combo to the Briscoes. Bucks then wipe out the Briscoes with stereo tope suicidas. Back in, running corner knee by Nick to Jay as we see that Nick is cut around his ribs. Mark stops a superplex and locks in a choke to Nick, but has to break before being disqualified. Mark wipes out Matt with an Apron Blockbuster, then Jay hits his Hangman’s Neckbreaker to Nick. Mark hits Froggy Bow on Nick for a close 2. Briscoes go for a Super Redneck Boogie on Nick, but Matt breaks it up. Nick counters the Splash Mountain Bomb by Mark with a Super Rana. Matt in, clotheslines to Mark, but Jay nails him from behind. Matt runs through a double clothesline and hits the Briscoes with a double clothesline. Jay hits a DVD on Matt, then srtomps away while trash talking the Bucks. Matt comes back with a superkick. Nick with a superkick to Mark, but the Briscoes with stereo superkicks to the Bucks. Bucks fire back with stereo superkicks, but the Briscoes with stereo clotheslines! Jay Driller by Jay to Nick, but Matt breaks up the pin. Matt sent outside as the Briscoes call for the Doomsday Device. Briscoes go for it, but Nick counters the springboard with a cutter and Matt rolls up Jay for a close 2. Jay fights back on the Bucks, but they drill him with a double boot, then Nick wipes out Mark outside. Bucks with the Briscoes’ Doomsday Device on Jay for a close 2. Bucks go for More Bang for your Buck and hit it, but Mark breaks up the pin by laying out the ref with the Froggy Bow! Bucks double superkick a chair back into Mark, then go for the Meltzer Driver on Jay and hit it, but Mark breaks up the pin after the ref came to. Bucks go for another Meltzer Driver, but Mark breaks it up by throwing a chair at Nick! Jay with the Jay Driller to Matt onto the chair, but Nick kicks out! Briscoes can’t believe it! Briscoes now hit the Super Redneck Boogie to Matt to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes by pinfall (Super Redneck Boogie)

Briscoes continue the attack on the Bucks after until SoCal Uncensored runs in. SCU says to the Briscoes to let us have them, but they instead lay out the Briscoes, sending them fleeing. Daniels motions that SCU wants the Tag Titles as the Briscoes leave. Bucks and SCU nod at each other, showing mutual respect as SCU leaves.

Main Event in a Triple Threat Match for the ROH Championship: Dalton Castle w/The Boys (c) vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody w/Brandi Rhodes and Burnard the Business Bear vs. “The Villain” Marty Scurll

Scurll comes out to a remix of his entrance theme and new entrance outfit. Castle comes out with multiple Boys, but is noticeably limping out due to all his injuries with his back and knee. Pre-match intros. Castle’s leg is heavily taped, as is his lower back. Cody motions for Burnard to head to the back before the bell. Scurll nails Cody and sends Castle outside. Cody hits Castle with Beautiful Disaster, then he and Scurll have words. Castle sends Cody into the barricade, followed by a flying knee. Castle hits his swing-around rana from the apron on Scurll. Back in, Castle with an amateur takedown on Scurll for 2. Castle goes for Julie Newmar as we see NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis sitting at ringside. Cody accidentally hits Scurll with a springboard dropkick. Cody with the Starliner to Castle while in the ropes. Castle grabs Cody from outside, but Scurll hits Castle with an apron superkick, then hits a Tornado DDT off the apron onto Cody. Back in, Cody begs off from Scurll, then fires away with chops. Scurll fires back with chops of his own. Strike exchange until Cody hits a Crash Landing suplex. Castle fights back on Cody, then hits flying knees in the corner to Cody and Scurll. Big boot sends Scurll outside. Cody catches a kick and sweeps Castle down. Castle trips up Cody and hits the flying knee from the apron. They head up top and Castle hits a Super Butterfly Suplex for 2. Castle locks in a Cobra Clutch, but Scurll breaks up and locks Castle in the Chickenwing. Cody then hooks Castle as well in a Figure Four. Castle fights out as Cody pulls Scurll’s hair. Castle sent outside, then Cody counters the Chickenwing by Scurll with a DDT for 2. Cody grabs the ROH title belt, but the ref stops him. Cody goes for a low-blow, but Scurll blocks it. Scurll goes for Shattered Dreams, but Brandi gets on the apron. Distraction allows Cody to kick Scurll low and roll him up for a close 2. Cody has Brandi give him his ring and tells Scurll to Kiss the Ring. Scurll does, but then grabs the fingers and snaps the webbing. Scurll puts on the ring, but Castle nails Scurll with the Bang-a-Rang. Nick Aldis pulls out the ref, then one of the Boys jumps on Aldis and sidesteps another. Cody then wipes out Aldis with a springboard dive. Scurll wipes out Castle with the ROH title belt, but Cody and Brandi pull out the ref. Referee ejects everyone from ringside. Exchange of roll-ups by all three for nearfalls. Strike exchange until Scurll stomps on Cody’s hands, then Castle with a clothesline to Scurll. Castle knocks down Cody, then Scurll with a kick to Castle. Cody grabs powder, but Scurll kicks it back into Cody. Cody hits CrossRhodes on Scurll, but Castle throws Cody outside and pins Scurll for a close 2. Scurll counters another Bang-a-Rang with a cradle for 2. Chickenwing applied by Scurll, then counters CrossRhodes by Cody into one of his own. Castle then with another Bang-a-Rang to Scurll to retain the title. WOW!

Winner and STILL ROH Champion: Dalton Castle by pinfall (Bang-a-Rang)

Castle is presented the title as the show closes.

You can order the Best in the World PPV tonight through FITE TV below.