AXS chairman Mark Cuban on success of New Japan: “Its the best pro wrestling in the world”

Mark Cuban

AXS chairman Mark Cuban, who also owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, spoke with Sports Illustrated ahead of tonight’s New Japan G-1 Special airing live on AXS TV from the Cow Palace about the success of New Japan on his network.

When asked about the live specials New Japan has done on AXS, Cuban commented with the following.

“They are a great way to reward viewers of the weekly show and to increase the fanbase in the United States. The viewership and social engagement for live specials in the U.S. explodes as it expands the audience outside of those who will stay up all night for events from Japan.”

Cuban also put over heavily new New Japan president Harold Meij and touted wanting to produce more English-language content going forward.

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