Cody Rhodes

Steven Muehlhausen of is featuring an interview with Cody Rhodes where he discusses a number of topics including wrestling – mainly WWE – being oversatured at the moment, his decision to leave WWE and facing Kenny Omega tonight.

On WWE oversaturing the wrestling market:

“You’ve got a Monday live TV, live TV on Tuesday, you have a pay-per-view every month and you have a [NXT] Takeover every quarter it seems like. It is difficult to continue to put the same faces out there and for those faces to continue to capture your imagination. I don’t think wrestling was meant to be as saturated as it is. Just like any sort of prizefighting entertainment, you have to build to these events. Less does mean more. Everytime there’s an NXT show, people are like, ‘Oh, that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen’. It’s the greatest show on Earth. One of things that they have going for them is the fact they make you wait. They build to it properly. That’s a good way to go at this.”

His decision to leave WWE:

“If I literally think about that day and who I was then, it’s drastic. It almost happened overnight for me. You go real long in this business and then you have these light-bulb moments. I just had this fleeting moment of fearlessness and a moment of trust in myself that I’m not going to listen to anyone. I’m going to do it how I want to do it. And how I want to do is what people are going to want to see and promoters want to pay for.”

Wrestling Kenny Omega at tonight’s NJPW G-1 Special:

“I’m happy that people’s eyes are on Juice Robinson, Jay White and The Bucks with the heavyweight title rematch. But I don’t think anyone in there is coming to see but what Kenny and I are going to do. This is the second outing. I think people will be genuinely surprised at this type of match … and how grueling and physical we make it. Whether it steals the show or not, it still is ‘The Show.'”