False Count Radio sent this recap in:

Former WWF/Canadian Indy Wrestler and Voice Impersonator, Jason Sensation, Was one of the special guests this week’s live episode(3/28/2009) of False Count Radio, Hosted By: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Juicin” Jobber, “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex R & Markie Mark. Your can Join False Count Radio Every Saturday(4pm Est/1pm Pst) by simply visiting: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/falsecountradio. If you want the latest Wrestling news and False Count Radio Updates Visit: http://www.falsecountradio.com. Below are some of the “Highlights” of our interview with Vader Which starts at the 1hr 14Minute Mark of the broadcast.

– Jason says he came up with the name Jason Sensation when he was a kid, Growing up a wrestling fan he decided to figure out a name. Now he has many Jason Vibration, Jason Temptation, Jason Salvation and Even Jason Transformation.

– Says Kizarny was in his class while training with Canadian Legend Ron Hutchinson. He was in the best shape of his life because they worked their butts off. He was their when trish was there so he ended up working with her. He says he wouldn’t chop her. But edge came in and chopped him and he ran out of the school. Puts over Ron as one of the best Trainer’s.

– He says he was getting a autograph from Owen Hart & The British Bulldog which was exciting since he had never been up close and personal with a wrestler before. He then let them hear his voice impersonation’s and Both of them got a kick out of them. Bulldog said No one can do Owen so he did Owen, then Owen said no one can do British bulldog so he did a impersonation of British Bulldog and they loved it so Owen took him in the dressing room and introduced him to the Canadian W.W.F President. So they made a connection and got him hired.

– Says he looked up to Owen as the Angel that opened his door into the business because every one had heard a Stone Cold Impersonation and Such, But Owen had such a distinct voice and it was such a original impersonation so Russo came up with the idea and Jason and Russo came up with the Written Script for it. He was blessed for the opportunity and the Owen Impersonation turned him into a superstar because of the 20,000 plus people watching him. He also says it’s a rush most will never feel.

– Jason says he was at home when Owen’s death happened and he knew something was wrong. He says it was the saddest day in Wrestling history because Owen took wrestling to it’s peak and when he died the peak went down Because he was a angel and a hero. When he is talked about they should say he wanted to bring happiness to peoples life and loved his family.

– He says he asked numerous times for a “GREEN” card to legally work but was never granted one So they ended up taking him off television.

-Jason then did some great wrestling impersonations for us, such as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik (you have to hear this one!), Chris Jericho, and a conversation between the Ultimate Warrior & Rocky Balboa. You’ve got to hear it to believe it!

Other Topics Include:

His Relationship with D-Generation X, Memory’s of Impersonating Shawn Michaels, Word Association, Asking Shawn Michaels permission to do impersonation, Initial Plans For him in W.W.F, as well as many other topics that we discussed with him During this Funny Interview!