False Count Radio sent this in:

On Wednesday, False Count Radio was joined by former WCW & WWE diva Debra Marshall, who was also married to former WCW Wrestler Steve McMichael and up and coming WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

– Before the Interview Starts Host JT Evans tells fans to Email TNA Wrestling At Info@TNAWrestling.com With The Subject “Hire” Debra Marshall.

-Debra talks about how fun it was to work with Ric Flair in WCW and how he was a very close friend of hers and Steve McMichael (her ex-husband).

-D’Lo Brown asks Debra who’s idea it was for her to become Jeff Jarrett’s valet in WCW and the WWE. Debra says that it was her idea in WCW, because she thought her character (Queen Debra) would have been a great match with him, to which she approached Eric Bischoff about it and he liked it.

-Debra talks about meeting Vince McMahon for the first time and how absolutely nervous she was.

-JT Evans asks Debra about the night she won the WWE title, which Debra goes on to discuss how Sable would make excuses to try and not drop the belt. Debra did say that she and Sable always got along.

-Debra goes on how Owen Hart had saved a lot of money and that his fans would even chauffeur for him by taking him to the airport, restaurant, arena, etc.

-The Juicin Jobber asks Debra if she ever saw heat between Steve Austin and Jeff Jarrett, to which Debra discusses how Steve Austin wasn’t fond of Jeff Jarrett, despite Double J loving him. Debra then put Jarrett over as “a sweetheart” and “first class”.

-Debra says she didn’t bake those cookies during her Alliance run and said she wouldn’t have touched those anyway.

-JT Evans than did a short word association with Debra with names as “The Kat” Stacy Carter (Sweetheart), D’Lo Brown (Accountant), and Chyna (Muscular).

Debra also discusses about her marriage with Steve Austin, the infamous plane ride from hell, ribs Owen Hart pulled on her, Steve Austin holding grudges, becoming Mick Foley’s lieutenant, rumors of her being offered to be part of the Miss WrestleMania battle royal, her petition to try and come to TNA, and more!

To hear this Interview in It’s Entirety Simply Visit:
http://www.falsecountradio.com. The interview starts about One Hour into the broadcast.