Dory Funk Jr. on 2009 Hall of Fame

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Interview Recap – Dory Funk Jr.
By Andrew Pritchard

Dory Funk Jr. a Future WWE Hall of Famer appeared on In Your Head for a very special edition of In Your Head on March 26, 2009 for a Pre-Hall of Fame interview. Reverend Jack E. Jones conducted the interview. These are just highlights please head on over to for the full interview.

Right off the bat Jack asked Dory what it meant to him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. ?It’s a tremendous honour to me, to be recognized by World Wrestling Entertainment.? ?It’s a real privilege and I?m looking forward to it.?

Jack asked Dory how it was to go to the WWF after being NWA Champion for so long. ?I had a fabulous time.? ?It was much like the schedule I had as NWA World Champion.? ?Working for Vince McMahon was an honour.?

Jack asked about the advantages of training in the Funkin? Conservatory rather than any other training school. ?We have developed a system of marketing through our ?Bang? TV Show.? ?Everybody who has trained at Funkin? Conservatory, makes an appearance on Bang TV.? ?I think our television situation offers an advantage.? ?We?re not here to eliminate people, we?re here to help people accomplish their goals.?

Jack asked how training has changed since Dory was trained. ?I was trained by my father Dory Funk Sr. he had a very unique wrestling style.? ?Every night I wrestled I learned from somebody.? ?Today its, what can you do for the company you?re gonna work for. Can you draw wrestling fans can you sell marketing products.?

Dory was asked if Dusty Rhodes was a good choice to be inducting him. ?I think it’s a fabulous choice.? ?He was a tremendous superstar all over the world, he’s a former NWA World Champion, I had some great Wrestling matches with him and I think it’s the right combination to reach out to the wrestling fans to give them what they want to see.?

Funking Conservatory Wrestling School

These are just highlights please head on over to to hear the full 30 Minutes interview, upcoming guests include ?The Master and Ruler of the World? Sid Vicious returns to In Your Head on April 1, 2009, followed by Alex ?The Pug? Porteau on April 15, 2009, other upcoming guests includes TNA’s Big Fat Oily Guy, Ricky Steamboat’s son Richie Steamboat, Rock Riddle, and stay tuned for the International Indy Night, please stay tuned to for all the upcoming details on forthcoming guests. You can also check out In Your Head’s 4 Year Archive at which includes guests such as Terry Funk, Cowboy Bill Watts and many more. Don?t forget you can also leave questions for upcoming guests on the Official In Your Head Message Board at and you can also subscribe to the latest In Your Head Podcasts at