Here is a breakdown for the latest WWE and TNA television ratings courtesy of The Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Weekly Newsletters:

TNA Impact on 3/19 drew a final 1.3 cable rating (or a 1.34) with 1.8 million viewers. This ended up being another ratings record for the show on Spike TV with the previous record being a 1.33. Quarter hours were: 1.30, 1.25, 1.31, 1.35, 1.37, 1.38, 1.31 and 1.45.

ECW on Sci Fi on 3/17 drew a final 1.4 cable rating (or a 1.35). No word on total viewership.

WWE Monday Night Raw on 3/16 drew a final 3.6 cable rating (or a 3.62). No word on total viewership.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown on 3/13 drew a final and lower 1.9 broadcast rating. Total viewership was not known. This was the lowest rating for the show on MyNetworkTV in quite a while.