New Shelly Martinez eBAY auction

Tony Vela sent this in:

Here is the latest e-bay auction for Shelly Martinez. The details of the auction are:

I wore this for a photo-shoot for photographer Chris Ameruoso. I always have fun when I do a photo-shoot with him! You’ll also see this outfit in an upcoming film I was in called Goodbye Cruel World (title might change before it’s released). Finally, if you visited my website before it’s official launch, you noticed it was used in a photo on the main page! I’ve provided some images of me wearing this outfit and even of me autographing them. The boots have been around awhile, so they are a bit worn. You get the boots (actually 3 of them – Don’t ask!), the wings, AND the skirt! THE WHOLE OUTFIT!

To view the auction, click here.

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