Neil of sent this in:

Don’t know if you caught it, but Bobby Lashley picked up his second win as an MMA fighter late yesterday evening, picking up a unanimous decision over the ever-so-awful Jason Guida, with scores of 30-27 on all three judges cards. In the first round Lashley almost had two solid takedowns, but Guida fought them off by holding on to the ring ropes. The second and third round were fairly uneventful, as Lashley hit a few solid shots and spent the rest of the time going for takedowns and working on the ground. Guida had Lashley in a tight guillotine choke in the third round following an attempted takedown by Lashley, but he was able to get out of it… his massive neck (or lack thereof!) helped Lashley out, for sure. All in all it wasn’t a bad finish for his second outing, especially since he was coming in against a much more seasoned (albeit poor) fighter in Guida (record 17-20 following this fight). He could use some more work against lesser competition though, just to get his experience to a level beyond smothering opponents with his superior wrestling. We’ll see what happens next, but I’ve got a feeling he’ll need a bunch more fights before a major player like the UFC knocks on his door for a contract. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Joseph Frost sent this in:

At 3 p.m. on March 22nd, Bobby Lashley was featured on with an article about his fight. It’s entitled “Lashley wins but finds out real fighting is tough on body and mind.” The stories somewhat criticizes the fake part of wrestling and compares it to MMA. Here’s the link to the story: click here.