The Beautiful People
The Beautiful People during their time in TNA.

Former TNA stars Velvet Sky and Angelina Love recently conducted an interview with Press Slam. Some of the highlights of the interview include:

Reuniting recently and touring Australia:

Velvet and Angelina both expressed their delight at the positive fan reaction to their reunion. They both discussed how fans would come up to them, many in tears, telling them how much of a positive impact The Beautiful People had on them, and how excited they were to see them together again.

Velvet went on to say that despite the fact that they have gone on to do other things, and have had their own singles runs, many fans still see them as a team, and will always associate them together.

On why The Beautiful People never signed with the WWE:

Velvet Sky in particular has strong feelings about why they have never signed with the WWE, especially as a team. She states that Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor really matches her style more, that the WWE has already tried to replicate The Beautiful People twice before, once with Lay-Cool, and now with the IIConics, and also a lack of creative freedom in the WWE.

Other highlights include

Originally they were supposed to be a baby face team, but that TNA management later changed their gimmick after they received negative fan feedback.

They also discussed why they would never consider re-creating The Beautiful People with anyone else, that they will be touring as a team for the rest of the year and through February 2019, their first official U.S. event will be at Starrcast on August 30th in Chicago, and more.