Rewind: Early start, wrestling talk

The latest edition of the popular “Pro Wrestling Rewind” radio show now on ESPN Radio 1400 (1400 AM) featuring host “The Power” Andy Knowles is now streaming and online for your listening pleasure.

Taking place this past Saturday morning (March 21), host “The Power” Andy Knowles is back with another edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind on ESPN Radio 1400. Andy handles the entire show solo this week at a special time at 10:00 a.m. ET due to coverage of NCAA March Madness. On the show, Andy talks about the passing of former WWE star Andrew “Test” Martin last Friday, Andy getting sick of the nonstop promotion for “12 Rounds” on WWE programming, thoughts on where things stand for WrestleMania 25 as of right now, WWE running more commercial breaks during Monday Night Raw, a look at Bobby Lashley’s next MMA fight this weekend, some WWE news and notes on Mr. Kennedy and former creative writer Freddie Prinze Jr., a look at some recent TV ratings for WWE and TNA, TNA presenting “Global Impact 2” soon on Spike TV and the company’s partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling, thoughts on TNA’s Destination X PPV that was largely considered a dud among the wrestling media, a look at TNA Impact this past week, a random Mickie James video that has popped up on YouTube courtesy of a listener email, a follow up on where things stand with the Rewind once the WrestleView VIP area launches and more.

Streaming link: Click here to hear the show (.mp3 version) has been the official news source for the “Pro Wrestling Rewind” for quite some time now and we are excited to continue this great partnership with Andy Knowles.

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