Current NWA World Champion Nick Aldis recently sat down with Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM Radio to discuss a variety of topics.

A few highlights of the interview include:

Bringing prestige back to the NWA World Heavyweight Title

Aldis, who won the title this past December, says his goal was to bring back the big fight feel to the NWA World title, referencing Flair and Steamboat, among other NWA Legends and legendary feuds as his inspiration.

Aldis says he has had a lot of pull when it comes to the presentation of the title and the format of the show, particularly live events. He has been pushing for the title to not only be pushed like a big deal, but to be presented like a legitimate championship.

Aldis will be defending the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Cody Rhodes at the “All In” event in Chicago on September 1. Aldis says this is absolutely the biggest match of his career. This will be the largest crowd the title has been defended in front of in well over a decade, if not longer.

On not being signed to the WWE so far in his career

In regards to not signing with the WWE, Aldis says this is one of the most asked questions he has to regularly answer. He feels it is a mistake by the WWE, Triple H in particular, for not signing him.

He believes it is some of the people around Triple H that are casting a bad light on him, that has prevented him from being presented with an offer thus far.

Aldis preferences the statements by stating that he grew up a fan of Triple H, and doesn’t make any negative comments about Triple H or the WWE at all during the interview.

He also teased that if Triple H wanted to hold the actual NWA World title, he’d be happy to let him see it and hold it in person anytime.

You may watch the full interview above.