Tribute to Andrew “Test” Martin

False Count Radio sent this in:

False Count Pro Wrestling Radio in conglomerate with The Pro Wrestling Highspot had our opportunity to pay our respect to a man who passed away way before he should have. Join us for this TWO hour emotional episode. We took calls from people as we had people from all over the United States who called in to share their favorite Test stories as well as their biggest memory of Test. During hour one we received a call into the show from “The First Ever African American World Heavyweight Champion” Ron “Faarooq” Simmons as he calls in to pay his respect to Test. During hour two it got very interesting as F.C.R Co-Host 5 Time WWF European Champion D’Lo Brown lead a wrestling roundtable featuring WWE Class of 2009 Hall of Fame “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware, Bull Buchanan and Rosey “Superhero In Training” as they shared their memories of Test, discussed wrestling deaths in general, what we can do to stop the deaths and share favorite stories of other wrestler’s who passed pn. Simply go over to our “ARCHIVE” Section then download the episode from March 17th, 2009.