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False Count Pro Wrestling Radio Hosted By: “The Pacific Coast Player” J.T
Evans, “The Albert of Einstein of Wrestling” Alex R, “The Juicin” Jobber &
5 Time W.W.F European Champion: D’Lo Brown Had a Very Good Surprise
Interview With W.W.E Hall of Fame Class of 2009 Member “The Birdman” Koko
B. Ware. Listen As This Interview Goes From A Regular Interview, To a very
emotional interview as Koko Opens up about his Personal Life!

That’s Right ladies & gentlemen we were originally suppose to have Vader
on this broadcast but due to personal reasons he had to reschedule. So
like F.C.R Is good at doing in last minute needs we got a Special Guest
and This Time it Was Koko. So Below Are Some of The “Highlights” of This
Interesting Interview on False Count Radio. The Whole Interview Can be
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Please Note* Koko B. Ware Joins the broadcast at the 1hr, 32min Mark of
the broadcast.

– The hosts welcome “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware on and J.T Evans mentions
that last time Koko B. Ware was on Which was February 14th, 2009 Koko
didn’t think he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame anytime soon, Koko
then Responds by Saying that it’s better late then never, But he thanked
god that they saw it fitting for him to be in the hall of fame and that he
is so happy and pumped for the wrestling fans. He also Said it made him
feel that he really achieved something while he was up there!

– Koko says the Honky Tonk Man started out in Memphis, Tennessee together
so they know history about each other. He says he guess since he can’t get
Jerry Lawler or Jimmy Hart to do it then who better then Honky Tonk Man.

– He says he has always considered himself in the hall of fame anyways and
if he never got inducted even though he spent nine years in W.W.E he felt
he gave the fans what they wanted to see. He said he wouldn’t call the
office and bug them but waited for them to call him!

– He said he was happy when he picked up the phone and got the call, he
also said there’s alot of guys that didn’t get the chance and get left by
the waste size and he hated that because they should be in
there to.

– JT Evans Asks Koko B. Ware Which official from W.W.E Called him about
getting inducted. Koko Then says it was Johnny Ace.

– Koko Gets Distracted by a wrestling fan outside near him. He then says
thats why he loves the wrestling fans because they never stop. He says
everyone is congratulating him In his home town.

– JT Evans asks Koko who he looks forward to seeing the most at
wrestlemania. Koko then responds by saying “God Bless His Heart, His
spirit will be there but he won’t and that’s Owen Hart”. He also say’s he
wants to see the guys he really knows Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and
he got to meet Triple H, Batista & Big show., He says even though they he
didn’t know him they still threw their arms out to him at his last event
which was on “U.S.A”. So he will be looking forward to seeing some of the
agents in the back like Ricky “the dragon” Steamboat, Arn Anderson and
Tony Garea. It’s gonna feel good to go home that’s my second home other
then Union City.

– Koko Get’s asked about the recent talks of Owen possibly being inducted
into the “Hall of Fame” soon and what his feeling’s were on that, He then
responds by saying “It would be one of the Greatest things to happen”
because Owen Hart was loved by the fans And that his name stand’s out
because his light was shining bright before he passed. He says it will
continue to shine as long as he is remembered.

– The Hosts Then bring up a a recent Myspace Bulliten posted by “E.C.W
ZOMBIE” Right after Andrew “Test” Martin’s death and quotes the post then
asks Koko his feelings. He says it depends on what your track record is
and that you will never be forgotten like Hulk Hogan, Owen & Bret Hart Or
Koko B Ware will not be forgotten.

– D’Lo brown joins the broadcast and asks koko how he is doing. Koko says
he’s good. D’lo brings up test’s death and how it was a hard day.

– Koko says it’s heart breaking when we lose one of our members and i’m
telling you it’s like you lost your brother or sister and it’s hard. it
puts a strike on the wrestling world(WWE/TNA/Indy’s). it puts a damper on
all our lives and it’s sad. he says he feels for D’Lo and says its almost
like losing his mother & father. Especially the older guys you know who
have given you pointers and such. it hurts lets go back to the Beniot
situation even that situation hurt all of us. We still haven’t gotten over

– Koko says you don’t need drugs or alcohol you can get Christ in your
life. If you ever have any problems you can call someone to help you
instead of making bad decisions. It’s not fun to go out with drugs or
Alcohol and it’s bad for all of us.

– D’Lo says he people don’t know how close the wrestling business is, like
he may know 10 People who may know Koko or vice versa. Then proceeds to
say its a sad day to mourn. Koko asks what test passed from To Which “Case
was Unknown”.

– Koko says he has tears in his eyes because it could have been Him or the
next person. He says we don’t understand death and we all have to go the
same way.

– Host Alex Mentions Chris beniot’s death then says Owen’s death was
Tragic. Koko says it will go on Evil with the promoters Whether it’s Vince
Mcmahon or a Promoter in Iowa, But if he has anything to do with the
business it effects us all. Koko then says he always thinks whose next
when he hears of a wrestling related Death.

– Koko says it’s heartbreaking when wrestler’s die. He says his heart’
bleeding. He says he is to emotional to talk Right Now!

– J.T Evans says in wrestling you never want to see someone die in
wrestling especially if its at a young age and non Natural. Koko Responds
by saying its all natural like he lost his father who was 71yrs old and
died of Throat Cancer. He died the day before “Thanks Giving”. Koko says
he asked himself why His father had to die the day before “Thanks Giving”,
Why couldn’t he pass after thanks giving ans sat at the table to be with
his family. But he had to realize he was his father down here but he
wasn’t His for Life. He was Jesus’s and he let him barrow his dad. At this
Time Koko Broke Down in Tears(Very Emotional Your can hear one Host nearly
breakdown To)!

– J.T Mentions how they were suppose to have Vader on the show but
couldn’t because of Test’s Passing and says Wrestlers have to look upon
the life of a star and not the death. He then mentions the Tribute Show
for 3.17.2009 and asks Koko if he wants to participate. Koko says he would
love to.

– Koko tells D’Lo to stay strong. D’Lo says he will stay strong for his
family, But he has to step back because he spent over 5yrs of his career
with Test although they Not always had seen “Eye to Eye”, But it saddens
you when someone close to you passes!

– J.T Evans asks Koko if their’s a chance Frankie(R.I.P) or Frankie Jr.
might be inducted into the hall of fame with Koko, To which Koko says
Frankie Jr. will be inducted to represent Frankie Sr. Koko says he will be
backstage at the wrestlemania 25 Event to get introduced on the “Grand
Stage of them all”!

– Koko then gets asked if theirs a chance The fans might see “The Birdman”
back in the ring for The WWE, Maybe Wrestlemania? Koko says you never
know. He says he watched the promo video on raw for his induction and
wonders where the energy went. He then says he use to be a dropkicking
fool, But can’t do all that these days.

– Koko says he doesn’t want to get beatup though, he wants to go out like
a legend. Wave his hand to the fans and give them the honor by saying
“Thank you for all the support around the world”. like someone in the
young generation leave him laying.

– He puts over the young wrestlers and says it’s their time not his time
anymore. WWE Took him around the world four times, And the wrestling world
has been good to him. His gimmick was 2nd – 4th match on the card and that
he knew his role and he wants to make sure the young generation knows
their role. He says again he is happy to be getting this honor and get on
the card because in his mind he was always the main eventer. Because
people paid to see him because he’s wrestling the same card as the main
eventers. especially Wrestlemania 3 against Butch Reed.

– D’Lo says he thinks Wrestlemania 25 is gonna be legendary both with the
Hall of fame and The Main card Sunda. As a worker you wish you could be
there and be the main event. He also says its gonna be electric.

– Koko Says he really believes the fans pushed this thing to make it
happen and that he is sure a lot of them emailed wwe. He puts over False
count radio for pushing this thing also and that over the years he has had
wrestling fans at events asking him when they were gonna put him into the
hall of fame. So he gives his thanks to them because alot of them and
himself prayed over this because they wanted to see “The Birdman” In the
hall of fame. He feels the fans have pushed this thing more then anyone,
because alot of emails WWE Gets someone has to read and he’s sure people
saw them mention Him often.

Also Discussed during this interview:
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Indy Wrestling Award He Received, Kokos
thoughts on being inducted in Houston,His Message to the Haters, Koko’s
New Website(Coming Soon), Kamala Ever in Hall Of Fame Among Many other

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