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Former WWE and WCW Diva and Women’s Champion has officially opened her official Myspace for fans to stay in contact and for booking information. Debra invites all the fans to visit her myspace page and sign up as friends. There are several other myspace pages claiming to be Debra’s but they are all imposters.

Debra’s official myspace is at –

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A Trip Down Memory Lane with Vader

An enhancement talent has his back broken. A future WWE star loses an ear in Germany. Stan Hansen knocks an eyeball out of your head.

In other words, a night’s work for Leon White.

The wrestling legend that would be Vader has had some of the most odd and talked about in-ring moments in wrestling. And for that reason he is the very first guest of the new shoot DVD series “Ringside” from Kayfabe Commentaries. The series premiere went on sale today.

Vader’s most memorable matches are explored as he sits down and watches each match in its entirety, reliving every moment and taking the viewer on the ride with him. It’s a fascinating time-travel experiment which is the heart of the new series. Wrestlers will sit down at the “Ringside” announce table and watch the monitor as their professional life plays out before their very eyes. It’s a rare opportunity to get as close to entering the ring with them as you’ll ever have, says Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver.

“Our shows are largely concept-driven,” Oliver says. “We’ve pushed the shoot concept to see how far it can go, and we’ve done it with great success. Now I guess we’re at time travel.” The matches Vader delves into include opponents like Cactus Jack, Stan Hansen, Sting, Antonio Inoki, Shinya Hashimoto, Shawn Michaels, and more.

“The matches are playing right there in real time, on the monitor in front of the talent,” Oliver explains. “There’s no having to rely on a poor memory, details distorted by time, or the like. It’s right there in front of them. It’s really a lot of fun.”

The series debut is on sale now at, and a limited edition, signed collector’s copy of the DVD is also available as part of their Signature Edition series.