False Count Radio sent this in:

False Count Pro Wrestling Radio Hosts: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Albert Einstein of wrestling” Alex R. And “The Juicin” Jobber Had The Opportunity To Interview Former World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Colin Delaney. Below Are Some Highlights from the interview!

– Delaney speaks about how “The Olsen Twins” team was formed.

– He says he got his start in chikara through Chris Hero.

– Says his debut match in wrestling was in a “Survivors Series” type match involving his Legit Brother.

– Caller A.G Vito From Massachusetts Asks What did he think of the chikara storyline where jimmy Olsen thought Colin Was still working for chikara under a mask, To which Colin Talks about how he couldn?t full fill some of his chikara dates do to getting signed.

– Delaney speaks about how he didn’t go through Ohio Valley Wrestling and Went Straight to Television.

– He says He Went to the same Elementary School as Jimmy Olsen, But they missed each other by one year.

– Working With Los Ice Creams fun & that he is Seriously lactose and Tolerant.

– Says Mike Knox Is Underutilized.

– Wrestling Great Khali Is The Most Painful Opponent.

– Delaney Tells a Road Story Involving Teddy Long, Teddy Long’s Assistant & Others Quite Funny.

– Doesn’t Think World Wrestling Entertainment Had no ideas for the heel turn he did & booked themselves into a corner.

Other Topics Include:

Working With Tommy Dreamer, Wanting to Worked With Cruiserweights, Road Story’s & Ribs, Wanting to Resign With WWE, How the Indy scene Is Different then WWE & much more.

Colin Delaney Comes Onto This Show At The 31:39 Mark Into Show