Some news and notes from ALL IN this past Saturday courtesy of PWInsider.

* When ALL IN went off the air, The Young Bucks addressed the crowd and joked about how they almost didn’t get in the finish before the PPV was set to close. The Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr. and Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll matches went longer than originally planned forcing the main event to end just seconds before the PPV came to a close.

* Attending the show live, it was painfully obvious how rushed the entrances were for the six man main event and you could see production signaling to both Matt and Nick Jackson to go home. Nick said the show ended with exactly three seconds to spare.

* ALL IN was described as the most successful iPPV event FITE has ever carried.

* Fans who bought merchandise had “Ring of Honor” come up for the official charges.

* Ring of Honor’s production team was used for the event, indicating the company played a much bigger role than some might have been expecting.