Jerry Lawler interview, Carnage Crew

Sean sent this in: Hey I thought you might find this interview interesting this was after a Cleveland Indians game, this is Jerry Lawler talking about Kozlov I believe: click here.

Rick Hendrickson sent this in: Press Release- The Carnage Crew featuring Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie, Dr Life Steve Williams, and The Necro Butcher, 03/03/09

This past week we spoke with Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie. She discussed her long wrestling career and what shes doing now. most of the interview focused on her new charitable foundation This charity helps wrestlers pay for health care costs related to injuries sustained while working in the wrestling business.

Dr. Life Steve Williams, then joined the interview to speak about how the foundation was helping him get a new hands free medical device, that will assist in helping him to speak. Steve and Dawn give a great description of the charity and how its going to help Steve.

Finally we were joined by The Necro Butcher for a return appearance he wanted to talk about the ROH HDNET taping. We also covered death matches and other general topics, Necro Butcher really opens up and gives you something special.

Overall the show, gives you a very positive feeling and helps promote a good cause. Please visit

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