Paul London on PWG, his WWE release

Lori C. sent this recap in:

Credit: Pro Wrestling Highspot MySpace page

The Pro Wrestling Highspot Has The Chance To Interview Recently Released World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Paul London For Nearly 40 min. Below Are The Highlights of This Great Interview:

– London Says He Felt Rusty During His Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Match.

– He Says His Initial Reaction to Being Released Was “What took you guys so long & what should I do with my time?”

-Blog Question from Lindsey Asks What Paul’s Favorite Roh or WWE Match Was, To Which Paul Paul talks about the Please Don’t Die Chant & Working With Brian Kendrick.

– London Says If He Could Have One Match With Someone He’s Never Faced He Would Want To Face Rob Van Dam Because They would have a good time.

– He Says There was No Ill Feelings Towards Brian Kendrick Because He Got A Push.

– Says his Goal in wrestling is to be the Best Entertainment on the Show.

– London Says His Favorite Match In WWE Was Against Jeff Hardy in Mexico That Was Never Aired.

– He Says There Has Been A Little Talk With Ring of Honor, But Not With TNA Wrestling.

-Caller From Pittsburgh (side note: this was ME! Sorry for horn tooting, but I’m still a bit elated about it) Asks Paul For Advice to Someone Wanting to Get In The Wrestling Business, To Which Paul Responds Believe None of What you Hear & Half of What you see.

– London Says He Wants to Wrestle Awesome Kong

Other Things Discussed Were… Working As Enhancement for Other Teams, The Workers Curse, Working With Super Dragon, Supporting Local Businesses, Triple H Destroying Him & Kendrick, Pitching WWE The Idea of Calling Brian & Him The Hooligans and Many other Topics.

To hear this great interview that starts about 1 hr 22 min into the show, go to: ProWrestlingHighSpot