Shamrock vs. Lashley MMA fight signed

WrestleView’s own Jose Marrero sent this in:

In a very stunning development it was just announced today that Ken Shamrock will square off against none other than former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley on March 21st for a MMA/Boxing PPV that will be headlined by Roy Jones Jr.

For those that follow MMA Ken Shamrock is actually coming off a win this time around actually defeating Ross Clifton at a Wargods event on February 13th. Clifton for those who dont know was 6-8 going into that fight and was a tomato can set up for Shamrock to finally get a win as he had lost 7 out of his last 8 fights before that with 5 of those losses in a row.

Bobby Lashley has only 1 previous MMA fight since quitting WWE where he defeated Joshua Franklin by TKO due to cuts. It should be pointed out that this was also Franklin’s first MMA fight. So let the debates begin as the countdown to Lashley vs. Shamrock is now less than 3 weeks away.