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Graham Cawthon

Pittsburgh, PA – March 2, 1963
Television taping:
WWWF World Champion Buddy Rogers fought Gene Kelly to a no contest
Bruno Sammartino defeated Ivan Zhukoff

WWWF @ Philadelphia, PA ? March 2, 1966
Television taping:
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Tomas Marin

Osaka, Japan – March 2, 1967
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino fought NWA International World Champion Giant Baba to a draw in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1 – Sammartino defeated Baba with a bear hug at 9:04; fall #2 – Baba pinned Sammartino with a body press at 3:00; fall #3 – double count-out at 3:52; only the NWA title was on the line

WWWF @ Grove City, PA ? March 2, 1968
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Tony Altimore

WWWF @ Washington DC – Coliseum – March 2, 1970
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Gorilla Monsoon defeated Killer Kowalski & Ernie Ladd
Also included a women’s tag team match

Chicago, IL – March 2, 1974
Pepper Gomez defeated Ric Flair
Bob Ellis defeated Bob Remus (Sgt. Slaughter)
Moose Cholak fought Big K to a draw
Nick Bockwinnkel defeated Red Bastien
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Dick the Bruiser fought Jimmy & Johnny Valiant to a no contest
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Ken Patera

WWWF @ Scranton, PA ? Catholic Youth Center ? March 2, 1976
Kevin Sullivan defeated Johnny Rodz
Irish Pat Barrett fought Rocky Tamayo to a draw
Louis Cyr defeated Pat McGinnes
Bobo Brazil & Ivan Putski defeated Ivan Koloff & Bugsy McGraw

WWWF @ Hamburg, PA – March 2, 1977
Television taping
1st hour:
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Bob Schaefer
3rd hour:
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Frank Williams

WWWF @ Albany, NY – March 2, 1979
Bulldog Brower defeated SD Jones
Allan Coage defeated Dave Darrow
Johnny Rodz fought Steve King to a draw
Suzette Ferrera & Vicki Williams defeated Judy Martin & Leilani Kai
Peter Maivia defeated WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund via count-out

WWWF @ North Attleboro, MA – March 2, 1979
Pete Doherty defeated Frankie Williams
Tony Altimore defeated Fred Marzito
Mike Hull defeated Pete Doherty
Tony Garea defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
Greg Valentine defeated Steve Travis via disqualification
Jerry Valiant defeated Dominic DeNucci
Johnny Valiant defeated Larry Zbyszko via count-out

– 3/2/80: Lance Cade was born.

WWF @ Torrington – March 2, 1980
Jose Estrada defeated Steve King
Rene Goulet defeated Bobby Duncum via disqualification
Hulk Hogan defeated Frank Williams
Ken Patera defeated Ivan Putski vai count-out
Joyce Grable & Vivian St. John defeated Cindy Majors & Wenona Little Heart

WWF @ Portland, ME – March 2, 1981
Johnny Rodz defeated Charlie Fulton
Rick McGraw fought Jose Estrada to a double disqualification
Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Rick Martel & Tony Garea
Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito defeated SD Jones & Steve Travis
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Greg Valentine

WWF @ Portland, ME – Civic Center – March 2, 1982 (1,714)
Jose Estrada fought Rick McGraw to a double disqualification
Jesse Ventura & Adrian Adonis defeated Rick Martel & Tony Garea via count-out
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Greg Valentine
SD Jones & Steve Travis defeated Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito via disqualification
Johnny Rodz defeated Charlie Fulton via disqualification

WWF @ Punxsutawney, PA – March 2, 1983
Swede Hanson defeated Bill Dixon
Pete Sanchez defeated Johnny Rodz
SD Jones defeated Charlie Fulton
Big John Studd defeated Tony Garea
Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow defeated the Wild Samoans
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated WWF IC Champion Don Muraco; Rocky Johnson was the guest referee for the bout

WWF @ Southington, CT – March 2, 1983
Eddie Gilbert defeated Jose Estrada
Judy Martin & Liz Chase defeated Terri Shane & Joyce Grable
Salvatore Bellomo defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
Jimmy Snuka defeated Mr. Fuji
Pedro Morales defeated Superstar Billy Graham via disqualification

WWF @ Detroit, MI – March 2, 1984
Chris Carter defeated Troy Alexander
SD Jones defeated Jim Lancaster
The Iron Sheik defeated Chief Jay Strongbow
Don Kent & Jerry Graham Jr. defeated John Bonello & El Bracero
Tony Garea defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
Andre the Giant & the Invaders defeated Sgt. Slaughter & the Wild Samoans
Tony Atlas defeated Don Muraco

WWF @ St. Louis, MO – Checkerdome – March 2, 1984
Television taping – featured Vince McMahon & Gene Okerlund on commentary:
Salvatore Bellomo defeated Max Blue
The Moondogs defeated Eddie Gilbert & Terry Daniels
David Schultz defeated Brian Madden
WWF IC Champion Tito Santana pinned Rene Goulet with the flying forearm at 9:21
Rocky Johnson defeated Paul Orndorff via disqualification
Superstars of Wrestling – 4/10/84: B. Brian Blair pinned Dennis Stamp at 6:55 with an abdominal stretch into a cradle
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan fought Big John Studd to a double disqualification
Superstars of Wrestling – 4/10/84: Jimmy Snuka & Ivan Putski defeated Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee at 8:53 when Snuka pinned Lee following a splash from Putski’s shoulders

WWF All Star Wrestling

Taped 2/20/85; Brantford, Ontario; Civic Centre

3/2/85 – included Paul Orndorff as a guest of Piper’s Pit, from the 3/2/85 Championship Wrestling; featured footage from the WWF Women’s Champion Wendi Richter vs. Leilani Kai match from 2/18/85 at MSG:
Tito Santana defeated Doc Butler via submission with the figure-4
WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Paul Roma via submission with the figure-4 at 2:40
Luc Poirier defeated Gino Carabello via submission with the backbreaker at 3:12
Paul Orndorff (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Ron Hutchinson at 2:18 with the piledriver; after the bout, Orndorff hit the move a second time
Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Bob & Joe Marcus at the 3-minute mark when Joe submitted to Sheik’s Camel Clutch

WWF Championship Wrestling

Taped 2/12/85; Poughkeepsie, NY; Mid-Hudson Civic Center

3/2/85 – included Paul Orndorff as a guest of the Piper’s Pit; featured footage from the Richter / Kai women’s title change at MSG:
Tito Santana defeated Carl Fury via submission with the figure-4 at 3:57
Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Jim Powers with a powerslam at 3:25
Brutus Beefcake (w/ Johnny V) pinned Paul Roma at 2:01 with a running kneelift
WWF Tag Team Champions Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) defeated Gino Carabello & Pat Poland at 2:25 when Windham pinned Poland with a bulldog
Ken Patera & Big John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Rick McGraw & SD Jones at 2:38 when Patera pinned McGraw with a shoulderbreaker; prior to the bout, Andre the Giant came ringide but was ordered backstage by the referee

WWF @ Atlanta, GA – WTBS Studios – March 2, 1985 (am taping)
WWF Georgia Championship Wrestling taping:
The first taping from the WTBS studios; the show had previously only shown WWF footage from other television and taped arena shows
3/2/85 – included Gorilla Monsoon on commentary; featured Freddie Miller conducting studio interviews with WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine & Jimmy Hart, Ricky Steamboat, the Fabulous Moolah & WWF Women’s Champion Leilani Kai, Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik, Paul Orndorff, and WWF Tag Team Champions Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo:
Les Thornton fought Mr. Wrestling II to a time-limit draw at 15:30; Jimmy Hart did guest commentary for the bout alongside Gorilla Monsoon
Buddy Rose pinned Hollywood Brown at 3:22 with the DDT
SD Jones pinned the Scorpion at 5:13 with a splash
WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Ronnie Hudson via submission with the figure-4 at 5:35
WWF Tag Team Champions Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated Rene Goulet & the Demon at around 9:30 when Rotundo pinned Demon following an airplane spin
Ricky Steamboat pinned Tony Russo at 8:12 with a splash off the top (Steamboat’s debut)
WWF Women’s Champion Leilani Kai (w/ the Fabulous Moolah) pinned Wenona Little Heart at 6:30 with a splash from the middle turnbuckle; Moolah briefly joined Gorilla Monsoon for commentary during the bout
Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik defeated Rick McGraw & Chance Meyers at the 8-minute mark when Myers submitted to Sheik’s Camel Clutch; Paul Orndorff did guest commentary for the bout alongside Monsoon
Paul Orndorff pinned Salvatore Bellomo at the 43-second mark with the piledriver

WWF @ Baltimore, MD – Arena – March 2, 1985
Terry Gibbs defeated Steve Lombardi
Wendi Richter defeated WWF Women’s Champion Lelani Kai via count-out
Brutus Beefcake defeated George Wells
Jim Neidhart defeated Swede Hanson
Tony Atlas defeated Les Thornton
WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine defeated Tito Santana in a lumberjack match
Andre the Giant & David Sammartino defeated Big John Studd & Ken Patera via disqualification

WWF @ Dayton, OH – Hara Arena – March 2, 1985

WWF @ Boston, MA – Boston Garden – March 2, 1985 (sell out)
Rick McGraw fought Matt Borne to a draw
SD Jones defeated Jose Luis Rivera
The Cobra defeated Moondog Spot
Rene Goulet defeated Mr. X
Don Muraco defeated Bret Hart
The Junkyard Dog defeated Bob Orton Jr. via count-out
WWF Tag Team Champions Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff
Jimmy Snuka defeated Roddy Piper via disqualification

WWF @ Richmond, VA – Coliseum – March 2, 1986
This show was cancelled due to poor advance ticket sales

WWF @ Toronto, Ontario – Maple Leaf Gardens – March 2, 1986 (12,500)
Tony Parisi defeated Barry O
Lanny Poffo defeated Rene Goulet
Pedro Morales defeated Steve Lombardi
Jake Roberts defeated Scott McGhee
King Kong Bundy pinned Hillbilly Jim
Adrian Adonis defeated George Steele via disqualification
Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated B. Brian Blair & Lanny Poffo (sub. for Jim Brunzell)
Tito Santana & the Junkyard Dog defeated WWF IC Champion Randy Savage & Jesse Ventura when Savage submitted to Santana’s figure-4

WWF @ Melbourne, Australia – Festival Hall – March 2, 1986
Paul Roma defeated Mr. X
The Tiger defeated Moondog Rex via disqualification
Raymond Rougeau defeated Matt Borne
Ted Arcidi defeated Moondog Spot
Big John Studd, Don Muraco & Mr Fuji defeated Andre the Giant, King Tonga & SD Jones

WWF @ Peoria, IL – Civic Center – March 2, 1987
Jake Roberts vs. Kamala
Roddy Piper & the Junkyard Dog vs. King Harley Race & Adrian Adonis

WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – March 2, 1987
Lanny Poffo defeated Frenchy Martin
Jim Duggan defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
Ron Bass defeated Dick Slater
Koko B. Ware defeated the Honkytonk Man
Brad Rheingans defeated Salvatore Bellomo
Billy Jack Haynes defeated the Gladiator
WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Hercules

NWA @ Atlanta, GA – WTBS Studios – March 2, 1988
Television taping:
Included the debut of Bobby Rogers & Tommy Fulton

Kyoto, Japan – March 2, 1989
NWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors defeated Takagi & Yatsu

NWA @ Ft. Bragg, NC – Ritz-Epps Center – March 2, 1990
Included NWA US Champion Lex Luger and NWA US Tag Team Champion Brian Pillman

WWF @ West Palm Beach, FL – Auditorium – March 2, 1990
Al Perez pinned the Red Rooster with a back suplex
Mark Young pinned Rico Fredrico
Rick Martel pinned Brutus Beefcake by using the ropes for leverage
Dusty Rhodes defeated Randy Savage via count-out
Hercues & Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated Mr. Fuji & the Powers of Pain when Marty Jannetty pinned Fuji after being hit with Hercules’ chain
Roddy Piper defeated Rick Rude in a steel cage match following a piledriver; midway through the bout, the Warlord came ringside and prevented Piper from leaving the cage by slamming the door into Piper’s head

WWF @ Edmonton, Alberta – March 2, 1990

WWF @ Minot, ND – Municipal Auditorium – March 2, 1990
Included WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior, Dino Bravo, and Earthquake

WCW @ Waldorf, MD – Thomas Stone High School – March 2, 1991
Big Josh pinned El Cubano
Dustin Rhodes & Tim Horner defeated Larry Zbyzsko & Dutch Mantell when Rhodes pinned Mantell
Ricky Morton pinned Buddy Landell
Sid Vicious pinned Tommy Rich with the powerbomb
Barry Windham fought Butch Reed to a no contest in a streetfight when Ron Simmons attacked Reed and the two men battled all over the building
WCW US Champion Lex Luger pinned Dan Spivey
Sting defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair via disqualification when Barry Windham and Buddy Landell prevented the pinfall; El Gigante was the guest referee for the bout
Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin when Scott pinned Garvin with the Frankensteiner

WWF @ Boston, MA – Boston Garden – March 2, 1991 (7,000)
Greg Valentine pinned Dino Bravo
Koko B. Ware pinned Pete Dougherty
The Mountie pinned Tugboat
Jake Roberts pinned the Barbarian
Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Nasty Boys via disqualification
Kerry Von Erich pinned Ted Dibiase
The Undertaker defeated Jimmy Snuka
The Legion of Doom defeated the Orient Express & Mr. Fuji in a handicap match
Hulk Hogan defeated Earthquake in a stretcher match

WWF @ Johnstown, PA – Cambria County War Memorial – March 2, 1992 (3,600)
Kato defeated JW Storm
Davey Boy Smith defeated Rick Martel
The Big Bossman defeated Repo Man
The Warlord defeated Chris Walker
Tito Santana defeated Ted Dibiase
The Natural Disasters defeated Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan
WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper defeated WWF World Champion Ric Flair in a non-title steel cage match

WWF @ Cedar Rapids, IA – Five Seasons Center – March 2, 1992
Included the Legion of Doom

WWF @ Phoenix, AZ – America West Arena – March 2, 1995
Aldo Montoya defeated Kwang
Duke Drose defeated Mantaur
Henry Godwinn defeated Doink the Clown
The Bushwhackers defeated the Heavenly Bodies
King Kong Bundy defeated Adam Bomb
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated the Undertaker via disqualification
WWF World Champion Diesel & Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michaels & WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett
Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart with the Sharpshooter

WCW @ Columbia, SC – March 2, 1996 (2,900)
The Belfast Bruiser defeated Bobby Walker
Big Bubba defeated the Renegade
Arn Anderson defeated Lex Luger
Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Scotty Riggs defeated Bobby Eaton & Dave Taylor
WCW TV Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Diamond Dallas Page
WCW World Champion Ric Flair defeated Sting via disqualification

WWF @ Worcester, MA – Centrum – March 2, 1996 (5,811)
Owen Hart pinned Aldo Montoya (sub. for Yokozuna) with the enzuiguri
Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated Skip & Zip
Duke Drose pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley by blocking a sunset flip
Steve Austin defeated Marty Jannetty with the Million $ Dream
Ahmed Johnson pinned Tatanka
1-2-3 Kid pinned Bob Holly
Savio Vega defeated WWF IC Champion Goldust via count-out
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated the Undertaker via count-out when Goldust attacked the Undertaker at ringside
Shawn Michaels defeated Davey Boy Smith

WCW @ Philadelphia, PA – Corestates Spectrum – March 2, 1998
Monday Nitro – included Stuck Mojo’s “Rising” music video, which featured WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page and the Flock; the broadcast team claimed the Flock’s interference was an attempt to crash the video, with DDP having to make the save (Reese’s debut):
Chris Benoit defeated Scotty Riggs
Juventud Guerrera defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Prince Iaukea defeated Psychosis
Raven defeated Disco Inferno
Public Enemy defeated Hugh Morrus & the Barbarian
Bill Goldberg defeated Sick Boy
WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page defeated Van Hammer via disqualification
Davey Boy Smith defeated Scott Norton via disqualification
Konnan defeated Super Calo
Scott Steiner defeated Jim Duggan
WCW TV Champion Booker T & Dean Malenko defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho & Eddie Guerrero
Bret Hart defeated Brian Adams via disqualification
WCW World Champion Sting & Randy Savage defeated Hulk Hogan & WCW Tag Team Champion Scott Hall via disqualification

WWF @ Cleveland, OH – Gund Arena – March 2, 1998 (15,643)
Brakkus defeated Recon
Jesus Castillo defeated Adam Copeland
Pierre Oulette defeated Mike Drose (Duke Drose)
Miguel Perez Jr. defeated Sean Morely
Shotgun – 3/7/98:
Aguila defeated Brian Christopher
Bradshaw defeated Marc Mero
Flash Funk defeated TAFKA Goldust
WWF IC Champion the Rock & Farooq defeated Tom Brandi & Tarantula
Raw is War:
Skull & 8-Ball defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn via count-out
Marc Mero pinned Tom Brandi
Mark Henry defeated WWF European Champion Owen Hart via disqualifiation; after the bout, Owen legitly injured his ankle while stepping off the turnbuckle
The Headbangers & WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku defeated the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express & Barry Windham
Steve Blackman defeated Kama via disqualification
Jeff Jarrett defeated Flash Funk
Steve Austin fought Kane to a no contest
Dark Match after the show: Steve Austin, Cactus Jack, & Terry Funk defeated Triple H, WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn

WCW @ Rock Hill, SC – Winthrop University – March 2, 1999
Saturday Night taping:
Disorderly Conduct defeated the Soul Surfers
Norman Smiley defeated Barry Horowitz
Fit Finlay defeated Bobby Eaton
Scott Norton defeated Bobby Blaze Kaz Hayashi fought Blitzkrieg to a double count-out
Horace defeated Scotty Riggs Perry Saturn defeated El Dandy Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Juventud Guerrera Joe Gomez defeated Johnny Swinger Jerry Flynn defeated the Disciple Hugh Morrus defeated Kendall Windham Meng defeated the Barbarian via disqualification
Hak defeated Damian
Booker T defeated Mike Enos
Ernest Miller defeated Barry Horowitz
Raven defeated Kaz Hayashi
Joe Gomez defeated Bobby Eaton
Rey Mysterio Jr. & Konnan defeated Psychosis & Juventud Guerrera
Al Greene defeated Damian
WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification
Jerry Flynn defeated Super Calo
Curt Hennig & Kendall Windham defeated Disorderly Conduct
Meng defeated Hugh Morrus via disqualification

WWF @ Pittsburgh, PA – Civic Arena – March 2, 1999 (13,497; sell out)
Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy after Skull & 8-Ball interfered
Sunday Night Heat – included a segment where Tiger Ali Singh offered $500 for any American to blow their nose in an American flag, with Singh pointing out Kurt Angle to do the challenge, calling him a local Pittsburgh hero; Angle refused to do it for $500 or $2000, but agreed when Singh upped the price to $5000; then as Angle was about to do it, he blew his nose in Singh’s Indian flag and hit a belly-to-belly suplex and judo throw on Singh:
The Public Enemy defeated the Acolytes via disqualification after the Acolytes used a number of weapons
The Road Dogg pinned Jeff Jarrett after D-Lo Brown (dressed as the Blue Blazer) interfered, pushed an interfering Owen Hart off the top, and hit Jarrett with the Sky High
Ken Shamrock & Goldust (w/ the Blue Meanie) defeated WWF IC Champion Val Venis & Billy Gunn when Goldust pinned Venis with a superplex; earlier in the bout, Shamrock attacked his partner and walked out of the match; after the bout, Goldust left with Meanie and Ryan Shamrock – who had come ringside earlier in the mach – while Gunn and Venis began fighting each other
The Big Bossman pinned Al Snow with the sidewalk slam; after the match, the Bossman held off the Acolytes with his nightstick
Raw is War – 3/8/99:
D-Lo Brown pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart in a Steel City Streetfight with a guitar shot after Jeff Jarrett’s interference backfired
Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg defeated Al Snow & WWF Hardcore Champion Hardcore Holly following a spike piledriver on Holly; after the bout, the Ministry attacked all four men
Ken Shamrock pinned Goldust (w/ the Blue Meanie & Ryan Shamrock) with a belly to belly suplex after Goldust became distracted by his valets arguing at ringside; after the bout, Ken Shamrock attacked Meanie while Goldust left with Ryan
Test (w/ Chyna & WWF European Champion Shane McMahon) pinned X-Pac (w/ Triple H) after Shane interfered and hit X-Pac with the Euro title belt
The Godfather defeated Steve Blackman via forfeit when Blackman decided to leave with the hoes rather than wrestle; Droz attacked Blackman after the bout, with the Godfather making the save; the Minstry soon attacked all three men
Tori defeated Luna via disqualification when Luna refused to break a hold; after the bout, WWF Women’s Champion Sable – who did guest commentary for the match – kicked Tori and riped part of her clothing off
Mankind defeated Steve Austin via count-out when guest referee Paul Wight called for the bell; after the bout, the Rock – who did guest commentary for the match – attacked Austin but later ran off once Austin gained the upper hand

WWF @ Yokohama, Japan – Yokohama Arena – March 2, 2002
WWF IC Champion William Regal pinned Edge at 14:41
Lita pinned Molly Holly at 6:26
WWF European Champion Diamond Dallas Page pinned Haku at 5:37
Sho Funaki (w/ Taka Michinoku) pinned the Hurricane at 9:00
WWF Tag Team Champions Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy at 9:20
WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri pinned Billy Kidman at 11:38
Kane & the Big Show defeated the Dudley Boyz at 11:08
WWF World Champion Chris Jericho pinned the Rock at 20:53 after the Dudley Boyz interfered

WWF @ Lake Charles, LA – Civic Center – March 2, 2002 (5,123)
Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Mr. Perfect & the Big Bossman following the Worm and a splash by Albert
Booker T pinned Rob Van Dam with the axe kick after Test interfered
The Acolytes defeated Lance Storm & Christian after Christian was hit with Bradshaw’s Clothesline from Hell
WWF Women’s Champion Jazz pinned Trish Stratus with a brainbuster
Triple H pinned Kurt Angle with the Pedigree
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion X-Pac pinned Spike Dudley with the X-Factor
Val Venis pinned Test with a fisherman’s suplex after Rob Van Dam interfered
The Undertaker pinned Rikishi with a chokeslam
Steve Austin pinned Scott Hall (w/ Kevin Nash) after executing the Stunner on both men

WWE (Raw) @ Rochester, NY – Blue Cross Arena – March 2, 2003
The Hurricane pinned Steven Richards with the chokeslam
Rico pinned Matt Cappotelli by using the tights for leverage
Spike Dudley pinned Rico in an impromptu match with the Dudley Dogg
Molly Holly pinned Jackie by using the tights for leverage
Scott Steiner defeated WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Lance Storm via submission with the Steiner Recliner
Rob Van Dam pinned Christian with the five star frogslash
Jeff Hardy pinned Christopher Nowinski with the Swanton
D-Von Dudley pinned Chief Morley with a superplex after Bubba Ray Dudley came ringside and distracted Morley from hitting the Money Shot
Chris Jericho pinned Test with a low blow and roll up after interference from Christian and Stacy Keibler
World Heavyweight Champion Triple H pinned Booker T after a chair shot

WWE @ Savannah, GA – Civic Center – March 2, 2004 (4,000)
Shannon Moore pinned Ray Gordy with a neckbreaker off the middle turnbuckle
Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli defeated Onyx & Michael Adrian when Palumbo pinned Onyx with the Jungle Kick
Jamie Noble defeated Paul London via submission with the dragon sleeper
Orlando Jordan pinned Nunzio by reversing Nunzio’s finisher into a powerslam
Billy Gunn pinned Rhyno with the Fameasser after avoiding the Gore
Smackdown!: featured an interview with Kurt Angle from his home in Pittsburgh (it was later revealed that Angle was backstage and not in Pittsburgh); included Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas doing a parody of the Acolytes in which they performed their rendition of the West Texas Rednecks’ “I Hate Rap” but renaming it “I Hate the APA”; the segment eventually led to a four way brawl involving Benjamin & Haas, the Acolytes, Doug & Danny Basham, and Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty:
Brock Lesnar pinned Hardcore Holly with the F5 at 2:48; prior to the bout, Lesnar drove to the ring on Steve Austin’s stolen ATV and cut an in-ring promo on Austin and Bill Goldberg; after the bout, Lesnar celebrated the win by drinking two beers and having Austin’s theme music play as he drove backstage on the ATV
Danny Basham (w/ Doug Basham) pinned WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Scotty 2 Hotty (w/ WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Rikishi) at 2:59 when Danny and Doug switched places late in the bout, as Scotty attempted the Worm, and Doug scored the pin with a roll up and using the tights for leverage after avoiding a clothesline
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/ Chavo Guerrero Sr.) pinned Sho Funaki in a non-title match at 3:25 when the champion dropped the back of Funaki’s head across his knee after Funaki became distracted by Chavo Sr. on the ring apron; during the bout, Chavo Sr. got on a headset and argued over the fact that Chavo has to defend against nine men at WrestleMania
Rey Mysterio Jr., the Ultimo Dragon, & Billy Kidman defeated Tajiri, Akio, & Sakoda at 4:41 when Mysterio pinned Akio with the 619 and a DDT
John Cena pinned Albert with the FU at 9:33; after the bout, the Big Show came out and cut a promo on Cena, speaking of his accomplishments at Madison Square Garden
WWE World Champion Eddie Guerrero fought Paul Heyman to a no contest at around the 2-minute mark in a non-title match, in which the champion’s hands were handcuffed behind his back, when Heyman and the referee went backstage and Kurt Angle came ringside; while handcuffed, Guerrero held Angle off from entering the ring before he was assaulted with a series of taped fist punches to the face; moments later, after Eddie spat in Angle’s face, the champion was hit in the head with the championship belt

WWE (Raw) @ Danville, IL – Palmer Arena – March 2, 2008 (3,500; sell out)
Debut in the city
Super Crazy & DH Smith defeated Charlie Haas & Trevor Murdoch when Smith pinned Murdoch
Paul Birchill pinned Jim Duggan
Snitsky pinned Brian Kendrick
WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool & Santino Marella
Mickie James & Maria defeated WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall when Mickie pinned Phoenix after Candice Michelle distracted Phoenix from ringside
Chris Jericho defeated Ken Kennedy via submission with the Walls of Jericho
WWE World Champion Randy Orton pinned WWE IC Champion Jeff Hardy

WWE (Smackdown! & ECW) @ Muncie, IN – Worthen Arena – March 2, 2008 (matinee) (3,000)
Featured Michael Hayes as a guest of the VIP Lounge in which Hayes and WWE US Champion MVP shared words before Hayes brought out Matt Hardy, who dropped MVP with the Twist of Fate
Kofi Kingston pinned Shelton Benjamin
Big Daddy V pinned Kevin Thorn; Thorn was billed from Indianapolis for the match
Jamie Noble pinned Domino; prior to the bout, Eve – who sat ringside for the show – kissed Noble on the cheek
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin defeated Jesse & Festus when Mizanin pinned Festus; Eve was the guest ring announcer for the bout
Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly defeated Victoria & Layla
ECW World Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned CM Punk
The Undertaker & Finlay defeated World Heavyweight Champion Edge & the Big Show when Taker pinned Edge with the tombstone

Graham Cawthon