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Online World of Wrestling DVD Review
Inside the Office, with Rene Goulet
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Reviewed By: Brad Dykens (Editor-In-Chief)

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When I was a little kid growing up in the 1980s, I attended many wild World Wrestling Federation events at the Halifax Forum in Nova Scotia. One of the more distinct memories I have from that time was a flamboyant blonde-haired man in a suit running back and forth to the ring trying to aid in the effort to maintain law and order. I did not know who this man was, but I knew, even then, that he had charisma equal to, or better than, any wrestler. Eventually I would learn that this man was Rene Goulet, a French Canadian legend of professional wrestling. The young mark version of me was witnessing Rene Goulet perform his duties as an official World Wrestling Federation road agent.

The great people at Kayfabe Memories have hit another home run with this unique shoot interview, featuring a dignified Rene Goulet talking about his thirteen year career as a WWF Road Agent. The job of a road agent is endless, and the responsibility placed upon their shoulders is enormous. KC director Sean Oliver grabbed the bull by the horns and made the best of his opportunity to pick Mr. Goulet’s brain about the ins and outs of his life as an important member of the WWF machine. I can’t remember ever getting this kind of insight into the agent’s function from anybody who has been that position.

Rene discusses in detail how he was given the task of coordinating the hundreds of promos and handling the many different personalities the WWF was known for. He talks openly about his interactions with wrestlers and reveals the nature of his communication with Vince McMahon. Imagine a locker room full of boisterous WWF Superstars and it was your job to control all of them. As usual, Kayfabe Commentaries left my jaw hanging with amazement as I listened to another legend educate me with his infinite experience and wisdom.

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