Jason Constantin sent this recap in:

False Count Radio had a surprise guest today as multi-time USWA Tag Team Champion and former Nation of Domination member, Jamie “JC Ice” Dundee was interviewed. Here are some highlights of this great and funny interview:

-Dundee says he had a huge blast doing a shoot interview with the Iron Sheik.

-Thinks wrestling today is garbage and that MMA is the future.

-Host JT Evans asks Dundee who came up with the “JC Ice” gimmick, to which Dundee talks about how he was a Vanilla Ice fan and that his dad (Bill Dundee) suggested for him to call himself “JC Ice”.

-Says his greatest match of his career was when he and Wolfie D (PG-13) took on the Rock N’ Roll Express, during the Smoky Mountain and USWA feud in 1995.

-Doesn’t ever see himself being called back to the WWE.

-Still keeps in contact with Wolfie D. and Doug Gilbert.

-Loved working in ECW and loved Paul E. Says that ECW reminded him what wrestling should be and how everyone was like “a family” and that there wasn’t any “backstabbing”.

-Thinks he would have been better as a manager, than a wrestler.

-Thought of himself as a little brother to Eddie Gilbert, although he was moreso close to his sister and Bobby Eaton (Dundee’s brother in law)..

-Had a blast on Jerry Springer and talked about how he was paid well, driven via limo, and flown in first class. Dundee also discussed about bringing midgets onto the show.

– why WWE hasn’t bought the USWA video library

Dundee also talks About wrestling the Dudley Boyz, knowing The Rock since childhood, the WWF/E atmosphere, working with the Smoking Gunns, life after wrestling, Chris Candido, wrestling in the W*ING promotion, rats (not the animal), and word association names such as Jerry Lawler, Ron “Faarooq” Simmons, Jerry Jarrett, Austin Idol, Lance Russell, Jim Cornette, Brickhouse Brown, Billy Jack Haynes, & many more!

Interview starts at around 2:24:40

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