Jason Constantin sent this recap in:

False Count Radio recently had the privilege to interview Johnny Fabulous, also known to many as John Cena, Sr. the father of current WWE superstar John Cena. Here are some highlight of this near 45 minute interview:

-Fabulous talks about how he started in the wrestling business by promoting local shows for various colleges and high schools with various wrestling legends such as “Classy” Freddie Blassie, Stan Stasiak, The Grand Wizard, Chief Jay Strongbow, Pedro Morales, and “The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant.

-Enjoyed working for Chaotic Wrestling and puts over how it is a great training facility.

-Prefers being a manager, over a commissioner. Fabulous then discusses how the point of a manager is to get his/her wrestler over, from beginning to end.

-Believes professional wrestling needs to bring back more managers/valets.

-A caller asks Fabulous what his favorite John Cena match is, to which Fabulous replied that the Cena/Edge TLC match in Toronto was his favorite.

-Fabulous puts over Kofi Kingston as a “true athlete” and as a “dedication individual”. He also puts over Nikki Roxx (TNA’s Roxxi).

-States that John Cena and his brother Matt are natural body builders and do not do performance enhancement drugs.

-Never expected his son John to have ever been a professional wrestler and have the success he’s having today in the WWE.

-Fabulous puts over Samoa Joe and Frankie Kazarian as “great individuals”.

-On March 29, Johnny Fabulous will be managing “Hurricane” John Walters as he takes on Justin Credible, with special guest referee Ric Flair!

– Sends a Message to Ric Flair

John Cena, Sr. also talks about how he got the nickname “Johnny Fabulous”, who he would like to manage, being punted by Randy Orton, Edge, his admiration for Bruno Sammartino, UPW, word association with names such as Jay Lethal, Tony Atlas, Killer Kowalski, Vince McMahon, and many others, and he cuts promo on “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair!

The interview starts at about 50 minutes.

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