WWE 24/7, Angelina Love interview

VKingOfTheWorldV sent this in: I just wanted to let you know that on WWE 24/7 under the Big One’s is the infamous Hogan-Jarrett-Russo shoot from Bash at the Beach their doing a black history month theme and it’s the night Booker T wins his 1st ever World Title. I never seen the PPV til now and it’s definitely something worth seeing.

Tin Tangent sent this in: GO.com recently conducted an interview with TNA Knockout Angelina Love at this link and when Love was asked about her favorite wrestler of all-time, to which she replies Shawn Michaels. “Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler. He’s the reason I got in the business,” Love told UGO.com. “There are many that I think are absolutely awesome and super-talented, but I can honestly say the main reason I got into wrestling was because of Shawn Michaels.”