According to data compiled by, Wrestling News Live has been ranked the #1 show on the sports talk radio network. This includes both live listens and archive listens during the week.

An article written on February 3 at this link by writer “DaTwan” revealed that WNL had been averaging twice the amount of listeners of the #2 ranked show on the network.

A new article written on February 24 at this link again by writer “DaTwan” revealed that among the Top 20 shows on Youcastr, WNL was ranked #1 and by a landslide increasing listens even more over a month period.

Hosted by the Trey Dawg and’s Editor in Chief Adam Martin, Wrestling News Live joined in December 2008 and has remained the leader in total points accumulated on the website based on live listens, archive listens and other statistics.

WNL is live every Monday night at 11:30 p.m. Eastern (10:30 p.m. Central) following WWE Monday Night Raw featuring analysis by’s Managing Editor Hunter Golden, an interactive chat room on, taking listener phone calls and emails.