George South Jr. on Flair, Anderson

Jason Constantin sent this recap in:

False Count Pro Wrestling Radio Hosts “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex J & “The Juicin” Jobber Had The Chance To Interview Former World Championship Wrestling & National Wrestling Alliance Star George South Sr. On Saturday February 21st, 2009.

-South talks about how Ric Flair was one of his favorites to get in the ring with. South then talks about how he’s training Ric’s son Reid and other second generation wrestlers, including Ricky Steamboat’s son and Bobby Eaton’s son.

-Thinks that wrestling these days is made too look hard and that it’s “not brain surgery.” Says wrestling is “good vs. bad and good always win.”

-Loved Ole Anderson as a booker and promoter in Georgia Championship Wrestling. Says Ole would “put you in your place, but also pat you in the back.”

-When asked about what makes a good heel, South discusses that the object of a heel is to have “people beat you up, but that they know that the good guy would beat you up”. He believes that what is wrong with wrestling today is that you don’t really know who’s a heel or a babyface.

-Thinks a lot of the wrestlers these days look the same with tattoos and a great body. South then talks about how back in his day, “there was something for everybody”, including big guys, small guys, fat, skinny, midgets, etc.

-Regarding his favorite heel, it was Paul Jones, to which South then talks about the angle when Paul Jones turned on Ricky Steamboat.

-Puts over Jake Roberts as someone who could control the fans and calls him “one of the all time best guys”.

-Says he loves and respects the Watts family and puts over Erik as a “heck of an athlete”.

South also discusses winning the NWA Junior Heavyweight Title, watching wrestling today, Ole Anderson chewing him out for kicking out of Jerry Lawler’s fist drop, getting people upset by wearing his ring jacket during matches, The Italian Stallion, his promotion Exodus Wrestling Alliance, being upset with the Hardy Boyz, and much more!

George South Also Wanted To Let Everyone Know To Check Out His Official Website Located At:

To listen To This Interview Visit: Then go to archives His Interview Starts 1Hr 45mins Into The Show.

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