EVOLVE issued a statement this week announcing they will no longer be booking Impact Wrestling talent for live events going forward.

This is in response to news earlier this week regarding Impact Tag Team Champions LAX being pulled from upcoming EVOLVE events in December.

EVOLVE’s full statement reads:

We are sorry to inform you that Impact Wrestling has pulled LAX off the upcoming EVOLVE dates.

EVOLVE officials were contacted by LAX and informed that they were needed for something else that weekend. No other explanation was given. Impact Wrestling didn’t contact EVOLVE officials and left it up to LAX.

There is no heat on LAX as WWN understands the situation they were put in. EVOLVE officials had told LAX that the plan was to have matches with The Street Profits that weekend. EVOLVE was informed that LAX would not be able to lose in those matches.

In order to avoid any political issues, EVOLVE made one night a triple threat match and the other night a six man tag. This would give the fans the LAX vs. Street Profits matches they wanted, while protecting all parties politically.

Unfortunately, Impact Wrestling waited until the matches were announced and then pulled the talent the next day. This all could have easily been avoided by not allowing LAX to take the dates in the first place.

EVOLVE will no longer consider booking Impact Wrestling contracted talent moving forward.

EVOLVE officials are currently working on a replacement and will have news early next week. We apologize for the lineup change, but assure you that EVOLVE will produce something special on for EVOLVE 117 December 15th in Queens, NY and EVOLVE 118 on December 16th in Deer Park, NY.

Thank you for your support.