Interview: CZW’s ‘Black Jesus’ Sabian

Oliver Newman sent this interview recap in:

‘Black Jesus’ Sabian talks CZW, Early Days, upcoming IPW:UK Tour and more.

My Interview with current CZW Best of the best winner ?Black Jesus? Sabian

Oliver Newman: Can you give the readers who a little unfamiliar with ?Black
Jesus? Sabian, a little background information on yourself?

Sabian: I’m from Philly (Philadelphia), I started wrestling in February 2000
but it was really off and on until about 2003 when I really started to
take it more seriously. I wrestle mostly on the East Coast
(PA,NY,NJ,DE,MD and FL), I’ve also wrestled in Alaska, Indiana, Illinois,
Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Ohio and Florida. I also wrestle
frequently in Canada. I’ve also been fortunate enough to wrestle in
Italy and most recently, Spain. I’m really looking forward to wrestling
in the UK and hopefully this will be the first of many successful trips
over there.

ON: Were you a wrestling fan growing up if so who were some of your favourite wrestlers to watch?

S: I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life and my favourites were always,
Eddie Guerrero, Jushin ?Thunder? Liger, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio Jr,
Juventud Guerrera, Owen Hart, Shinjiro Ohtani, Dean Malenko, Brian
Pillman and Great Muta.

ON: Was there a defining moment/match when you thought I want to be a Professional Wrestler?

S: Definitely when I got into watching old New Japan, like the Super J Cup
’95. I don’t think there has been anything that has ever been better
than that tournament. Japanese wrestling always had me wanting to be a
pro wrestler. Also, when the Cruiserweights were doing their thing in
WCW. Watching old ECW got me hyped up wanting to be a wrestler too.

ON: When did you start training to be a Wrestler and which Wrestling School did you go to?

S: I started training in October ?99, I didn’t go to a well known school,
I got trained at a place in Philly called Hawkins. I’ve had many
trainers and mentors over the years such as, Gemini, Sebastian Rose,
Jerry Schaffer, Ron Starr, Mercury. I started going to seminars held by
Mike Quackenbush and Skayde. I would say that I’m very well rounded and
can easily adapt to ANY style of pro wrestling. Also, not being trained
at a well known school or by bigger named people, made me work harder,
kept me humble and made me appreciate the things that I have
accomplished so far in my career.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being mentored by one of the greats of our business, Afa The Wild
Samoan as well as his entire family. Most recently, I wrestled for
Rikishi’s place in Spain (N.W.E.) which was the greatest experience
I’ve had in my career thus far. Just being around and learning from
guys that have been EVERYWHERE and accomplished so much, one of whom
was Big Vito, who I learned a lot from while I was there, he really
motivated me and made me understand even more about the business than I
already did.

ON: You’ve given Tony Nitro, Jerry Schaffer, Mike
Quackenbush and Jorge Rivera credit for your training as a pro
wrestler, can you tell the readers which aspects of pro wrestling your
trainers taught you?

S: I learned the basics from Tony Nitro and Jerry Schaffer and I learned lucha libre from Quack and Jorge Rivera.

ON: Can you talk the readers through your 1st day of training?

S: Well, it was so long ago that I don’t really remember it but, I’m sure
I was excited, anxious and thought that I was going to be some big star
overnight but, it didn’t happen that way.

ON: A three part question, how long were you training before your first match, who did
you wrestle in that first match and what are your personal thoughts on
the match?

S: I was training for four months before I wrestled for the first time and it was against Ron Starr, O Dogg, Deakon Frost
and another guy whose name I don’t remember, I just remember that he
was deaf. At the time, I probably thought it was the best match ever
but, that’s how we all are at that stage.

ON: The first milestone of your career came on August 5th 2000 when you defeated
Insayashi for the HPW Junior Heavyweight title, what are your personal
thoughts on this achievement?

S: Back then, I thought it was pretty cool, really just being able to go out there and wrestle was cool enough though.

ON: Your big break came when you joined Combat Zone Wrestling in September 2003, how did this come about?

S: I was training down at their school on a regular basis and when the
show came up, John Zandig decided to throw us on. After that, we were
in CZW fulltime.

ON: Whose idea was it to form the Blackout in the first place?

S: Zandig knew that all of us were friends outside of wrestling so, he
decided to put all of us together then we just ran with it from there.

ON: June 12th 2004 must be a day that lives long in the memory as this was
the day you and Ruckus (Blackout) defeated the H8 Club (Nick Gage &
Nate Hatred) to win the CZW Tag Team Titles, what are you personal
thoughts on the match and the achievement?

S: I thought that the match served its purpose. It was a big achievement being in there with
CZW’s top and most popular team at the time. That was the start of
something really big for Blackout. We pretty much took over and did our
thing month after month after that.

ON: September 11th 2004 was a busy day for Blackout as you faced the SAT’s & The H8 Club in
separate matches, not only that but the match against the H8 Club was
in a Steel Cage, what are your personal thoughts on this day?

S: I remember getting two concussions that day, one on the day show and
another one on the night show so, that was a pretty rough day for me.

ON: How did the steel cage match end in a no contest?

S: Justice Pain and Wifebeater came in and attacked the H8 Club.

ON: You added Maven Bentley & Eddie Kingston to the Blackout group, how
did this come about? Who was responsible for the decision?

S: When Joker was leaving for Iraq, he wanted Eddie to take his spot in
the group and we all thought it was a good idea, which it was. Not sure
how Maven being added came about, I think Zandig suggested it.

ON: Memories of the Cage of Death War Games match you had (Blackout vs. Team Cash) in December 2004?

S: It still stands out as one my favourite matches I’ve ever had. We all
wanted to prove that we could put on the best and most exciting match
in Cage Of Death history and I still think that’s been the best Cage Of
Death match since.

ON: You made your Chikara Pro debut in March 2004, how did this come about and what are your memories of your debut night?

S: Joker and I put on a good match.

ON: Memories of the Chikara Grand Prix 2005 Tag Team Tournament?

S: I had a good time and it was a fun experience getting in there with Necro and Pondo.

ON: April 2nd 2005 must be one of the finest days of your career so far as
you defeated Mike Quakenbush for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title, what
are your thoughts on the match?

S: I was nervous going into it so that affected my performance.

ON: 7 days later Quakenbush had his revenge in a match for Pro Wrestling Entertainment, thoughts on this match?

S: This match was better than the CZW one in terms of my performance,
which was way better than that first match we had, I was more
comfortable and relaxed. Another good thing is that, this match was in
front of a more respectful and unspoiled crowd too.

ON: You had your first taste of the prestigious CZW Best of the Best tournament in
May, what are your thoughts on the Tournament and your match vs. B-Boy?

S: I think the right person won the tournament. The match with B Boy was
good, I think we had instant chemistry and put on a really good match.

ON: You had a 2 month run with the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title, what are your memories of your run?

S: That it was short and didn’t do anything to help my character at all.

ON: Your first high profile singles match in Chikara was against Chris Hero, what are your thoughts on this match?

S: I liked the match, I think me and him had instant chemistry in the
ring. Plus, it would be really hard to have a bad match with him.

ON: In the biggest match of your career to date (IWS Heavyweight Title vs.
Sexxxy Eddy) you came up a little short, but what did you think of the

S: That match was pretty good. Most of the time, I have
good chemistry with whoever I’m in there with and this was another one
of those times.

ON: Can you explain the experience of working for Armed Forces Entertainment in September 2005?

S: Getting the chance to wrestle in Alaska which, a lot of people don’t
get the opportunity to do, was great. Also being able to go out there
and perform for the troops was a good thing. We had the best group of
people out there with us and it was a great experience.

ON: In December 2005 in CZW you and Eddie Kingston fought Chris Hero &
Claudio Castagnoli for the CZW Tag Titles, thoughts on the match?

S: Good match but we came up short on winning the belts.

ON: In February 2006 for Chikara You and Eddie Kingston were entered into
their Tag World Grand Prix tournament, personal thoughts on this

S: It was a prestigious Chikara tournament. I got to work with Ian Rotten and with Necro Butcher, for the second time during
this tournament.

ON: In May 2006 you wrestled for the 2nd time in the CZW Best of Best tournament this time reaching the final,
thoughts on this show?

S: I think this show could’ve been a lot better considering it was during the whole CZW vs. ROH deal but, what can you do.

ON: In June 2006 for UWA Hardcore Wrestling You defeated Ruckus to retain
the UWA Light Heavyweight title, thoughts on Ruckus and the match?

S: Ruckus and I always put on a show wherever we go and we did that on that night.

ON: In August 2006 for CZW The Forefathers of CZW (Justice Pain/Nick
Gage/Eddie Kingston) defeated Blackout (Ruckus/Yourself/Joker/Robbie
Minero) and The Canadians (El Generico/Kevin Steen/Frankie The Mobster)
in an All Out War Cage match. Thoughts on the concept?

S: I didn’t like the concept of it, it’s been done before but, we all went in there and did what we do.

ON: Also in August 2006 You participated in a WWE Tryout session at Wild
Samoan Training Centre in Pennsylvania, thoughts on this experience?

S: It was good experience and I got feedback on the things that I needed to work on.

ON: November 11th 2006 must be one of the best days of your career as in
CZW Blackout (You & Robbie Mireno) defeated The Kings of Wrestling
(Chris Hero/Claudio Castagnoli) to win CZW Tag Team titles. Thoughts on
this achievement?

S: That match ended up being a handicap match with me and Robbie vs. Claudio. Potentially, it could have better but,
we did what we had to do to get the job done.

ON: In a month span at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 you traded the CZW Tag
Titles with Original Blackout (Rainman & Onyx), thoughts on these

S: I had a good time working with Rainman and Onyx and it’s too bad that our feud didn’t last longer.

ON: In February 2007 for Chikara you participated in a Trios Tournament
with Ruckus and Joker against Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin/Sonjay Dutt.
Thoughts on the concept, opponents and match?

S: Chikara’s tournaments are always exciting and worthwhile. Sonjay, Shelley and
Sabin are three of the top Junior Heavyweights in the world and it was
great to get in there and work with them.

ON: In May 2007 for IWA Mid South with Joker you fought against Davey Richards & B.J.
Whitmer, thoughts on the opponents and match?

S: I enjoyed this match.Joker and I got to go in there with two of the top guys on the Indies and test ourselves.

ON: October 13th 2007 was a lucky day for you! In CZW as you defeated
Cloudy and Danny Havoc to win the CZW Junior Heavyweight title,
thoughts on the opponents?

S: Two really good opponents for me to show my versatility against.

ON: In October 2007 you debuted for Jersey All Pro Wrestling pulling double
duty as you and Ruckus fought Jay Lethal & Azriael, thoughts on
opponents, debuting and match?

S: We tore it up with Azriael and Jay Lethal and had one of the better matches on the show.

ON: In the same night You fought Low Ki, Homicide, Hernandez, Ruckus and
B-Boy in a 6 way match, thoughts on opponents and match?

S: I was in there with world class athletes, what more can I say.

ON: Thoughts on your series of matches with Lufisto for the CZW Junior
Heavyweight Title, how was if different fighting a woman and thoughts
on the matches?

S: I had good matches with Lufisto. It might have been different fighting a woman if it was a different woman but,
Lufisto is better and tougher than a lot of men out there.

ON: Thoughts on your 2nd reign as CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion?

S: It started out promising, but ended bad. I think that if better
opportunities were available it would have been a lot better. But, this
reign was way better than my first one.

ON: Who came up with the nickname “Black Jesus”, and is there a story behind it?

S: Jon Dahmer came up with the name and I decided to just run with it.

ON: Thoughts on being the current CZW Best of the Best Winner, thoughts on tournament, legacy and achievement?

S: This was something that I was striving for ever since I have been in
CZW. I missed the tournament the year before because of a broken ankle
and made it known that nothing was stopping me from winning it in 2008.
I worked really hard and came back from a broken jaw and finally became
Best Of The Best.

ON: What goal/s do you hope to accomplish before your career ends?

S: I hope to finally get the opportunity to wrestle in Japan and hopefully sign a contract with a major company.

ON: What is the worst injury of your career thus far?

S: My worst injury was a broken jaw. That was the longest and most depressing 8 weeks of my life!

ON: Toughest match of your career so far?

S: Not one match in particular but, any match where things just don’t seem to be clicking can be pretty tough.

ON: Biggest match/es to date and thoughts on them?

S: My biggest matches were in Spain against great wrestlers like Ultimo
Dragon, Juventud Guerrera and Big Vito. I think that I did well
considering these are three guys that have been everywhere and
accomplished so much in their careers. I learned so much from all three
of them particularly Vito and being in there with them has made me a
better wrestler.

ON: Thoughts on the current state of Pro Wrestling?

S: Not very good. There’s way too many horrible Indies out there. A lot of
the fans are spoiled and also think that they know it all and think
that they can do what the wrestlers do better than the wrestlers do it.
People think that matches are all about Flips or so called “Strong
Style” with all these unnecessary head drops, reckless strikes, stupid
moves and what not. That’s not what it’s all about! The sad thing is, I
don’t see any of that changing anytime soon though.

ON: Do you have a favourite Wrestling promotion/s to watch in 2009?

S: No favourites I just try to watch a little bit of everything.

ON: Favourite Wrestler/Wrestlers now you’re in the Industry?

S: I just watch a little bit of everybody’s stuff, especially if I know that I’m going to be working with them soon.

ON: Thoughts on ‘The Wrestler’ movie and your cameo in it?

S: I Finally saw it and it was better than I thought it would be. That’s
right, a cameo, I’m a movie star now. Blk Jeez is taking over Hollyhood!

ON: Thoughts on the ROH TV Deal!?

S: Good for ROH.

ON: Thoughts on WWE as we stand in 2009?

S: There still going to be the top company in the business no matter what.

ON: Thoughts on TNA as we stand in 2009?

S: The number 2 company in the world.

ON: Thoughts on ROH as we stand in 2009?

S: I do like the change in their product, focusing more on characters and
entertainment. Like it or not, entertainment is where the money is.

ON: Thoughts on Steve Austin, Bill Watts and JUST announced Ricky ?The
Dragon? Steamboat’s upcoming inductions into the WWE Hall Of Fame?

S: That’s a good thing. They are legends and accomplished what they set out to accomplish. You got to respect that.

ON: When you started out, what was your ‘goal’ to achieve in the Wrestling business?

S: Starting out, my goal was just to do something that I always wanted to do ever since I was a kid.

ON: If the fans could watch one ?Black Jesus? Sabian match to see you at your best, which one would you recommend?

S: One match, I don’t know, but I’ve had some really good matches everywhere I’ve wrestled.

ON: Sabian vs. Who in a Dream Match?

S: Jushin ?Thunder? Liger

ON: Any websites, you’d like to mention?

S: My myspace, which is, www. myspace. com/blkjesus1099.

ON: Any final words for the readers?

S: Fans in England, if you’re not familiar with the Blk Jeez, get ready.
Because once I get to the UK, I’m going to be tearing it up just like
I’ve been doing over here in the states for years. Killadelphia’s
finest is coming your way!!

ON: Thoughts on wrestling two of the
best the UK has to offer in Luke ?Dragon? Phoenix and ‘The Specialist’
Mark Sloan on your upcoming tour of the UK in February?

S: I don’t know much about them, I’m sure they’re both good wrestlers. I do
know that they both better be ready for Killadelphia’s finest and
better be ready to step there game up because they are going to be in
there with a beast. The UK isn?t going to be the same after Blk Jeez
comes through and tears it down.

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Overall Thoughts: I approached Sabian when I knew he was debuting for IPW:UK in
the UK this year with the hope of publicising his debut tour.
Thankfully he agreed and together we have worked on a great interview
which will hopefully give those who don?t know about him a lot more
information and those who do some information they have never heard
before. Sabian was a fantastic interviewee and I wish him the best of
luck with his upcoming UK tour and I wish him the best of luck for the
rest of his (what I hope) is a long and prosperous career.

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