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Tonight’s edition of the NoseBleed Section, with hosts John ?Stoney? Cannon and Joe ?Joco? Cowart, presents a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of pro wrestling. Tonight’s guest will be Lanny Poffo, who the crew hopes will bring some special Valentine’s poetry. The broadcast starts at 9:00 PM ET, and is brought to you by Georgia Wrestling History‘s GWH Radio Network.

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Wednesday’s edition of Peach State Pandemonium, hosted by Rich Tate and Les Thatcher, held an open discussion, with topics ranging from the recent incident involving Chris Jericho, the wackiness of WWE and TNA, steroid use, the Wrestling Granny, and much more. Taylor McKnight from GCW also joined us to plug tonight’s show, a fundraiser for the Maegan Johnson family (more on that below). PSP is brought to you by the GWHRN. Click here for the archive.

Tickets for the following World Wrestling Entertainment events go on sale Friday: March 20, at the Missouri S&T Gale Bullman Building in Rolla, MO; and June 28, Night of Champions PPV at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, CA.

The final overall rating for the Tuesday edition of WWE’s ECW was 1.3.

The annual draft will take place when WWE hits Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA, for the live RAW broadcast.

The lineup for tonight’s iMPACT broadcast on Spike TV, from Total Nonstop Action, is as follows: Brutus Magnus versus Homicide; Eric Young versus Kip James; Kurt Angle & Sting versus Team 3D; Scott Steiner versus Petey Williams in a pole match; a women’s rumble; Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed versus the Motor City Machine Guns; Rhino & Abyss versus Beer Money; and in more ill-advised WCW-like scenes, Sting defends the TNA World Heavyweight Title against Angle, who orders Sting to just lay down and lose the belt.

Great Championship Wrestling will be at the Gr8 Sk8 Plex in Phenix City, AL, tonight, with all proceeds going to the family of Maegan Johnson. Advertised: J-Rod defends the GCW Heavyweight Title against Cru Jones; and the GCW Tag Team Title will be on the line in a gauntlet match featuring Orion Bishop & Murder One, the Southside Trash, the Winner’s Club, Frankie Valentine & Tex Monroe, Rob Adonis & Scotty Beach, Adryan Hawkins & Kyle Matthews, and Chris Lightning & Kareem Abdul Jamar; and Buff Bagwell makes his GCW debut. Call (334) 664-1780 for more information. Bell time is 7:30 PM.

Florida Championship Wrestling will be at the FCW Arena in Tampa, FL, tonight. Bell time is at 7:30. Tickets are $10 for adults, and $5 for children 10 and under. For more information, call (813) 805-7526.

FCW will also be at the Florida State Fair at Expo Hall in Tampa, FL, on February 13. Bell time is at 5:00. Admission is free with admission to the fair.

FCW will be holding another clinic to evaluate talent, with Steve Keirn, Tom Prichard, Norman Smiley, and Billy Kidman in charge. The clinic will take place May 1 through May 4, and more details will be made available soon.

All-State Wrestling will be at the Statum Cab Company Building in Shelbyville, TN, tonight.

Ericules Wrestling Promotions will be at the Green Acres Flea Market in Louisville, TN, tonight.

The following information in regard to birthdays and memoriams has been compiled from various sources. In the event you can let us know of any omissions or corrections, please email to contributions@georgiawrestlinghistory.com.

Today’s Birthdays: Outback Jack (1958) and One Man Gang (1960).

Click here for this week’s update of Wrestler’s Eye View with Les Thatcher.

Click here for Larry Goodman’s review from the January 31 broadcast of NWA Main Event.

Dirty South Pro Wrestling will be at the East Brewton Community Center in Brewton, AL, on February 14. Matches to be announced. Doors open at 6:30 and bell time is at 7:30.

DSPW was in Brewton, AL, on February 6. Before the event began, a 10-bell salute and moment of silence was given in memory of Dianne Moody. Mrs. Moody was the wife of Percy Pringle III, better known as Paul Bearer, and the mother of “the Future Legend” DJ Pringle. Results: B. Country defeated the Black Scorpion & Damon Black, w/”the Evil-Luscious Erotic Echantress” Eva Black. Johnny Rebel defeated Evergreen McQueen. Damian LaVaye defeated Jason Steele. “DDG” Lee Manning & DSPW co-owner Tiny Tiswell, w/Red Hott, defeated Cowboy Ray & Short Bandit. During the match, Short Bandit was kidnapped by Danika & Dawn Devilyn. Street Bandit defeated J.T. Angel. In a tag title match, Zac Johnson & Kage, w/”the Rubenesque Punk Rock Princess” Roxy, defeated Deacon Stone & Roxas Payne, w/Dale Shaddix, to become the new champions. Tiswell was the special guest referee. For the DSPW championship, Short Bandit, who was dressed up like champion the Gothic Warrior, w/”the Naughty-Licious” Mystress, “the Devilish Deity” Danika S. Devilyn & “the Devil-Licious Diva of Darkness” Dawn Devilyn defeated “Shooter” Kory Jackson when Gothic Warrior interfered. Because of Bandit’s win, Warrior is still the champion.

Outlaw Championship Wrestling will be at the Cell in Moulton, AL, on February 14. Matches to be announced. Bell time is at 8:00.

Global Championship Wrestling will be at the Cafetorium in Locust Fork, AL, on February 20. Advertised: For the GCW championship, Scotty Blaze defends vs. Johnny Slaughter. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Joey Lightning. Amos Moses vs. Jesse Pain. The Dynamo vs. Sgt. Hammer. Inhuman Fly vs. Theodore Tutwiler III. Nasty Kritter vs. Omega. Tickets are $10. Bell time is at 7:30. For more information, call (205) 681-9512.

Wrestle Birmingham will be at the Community Center in Graysville, AL, on March 7. Advertised: For the NWA-WB championship, “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey defends vs. a mystery opponent. For the junior heavyweight championship, El Mexicano defends vs. Mike Jackson in a no DQ, no time limit match. Lord Humongous vs. River D’Angelo. Danny Fuller, w/Robert Fuller, vs. the Original Assassin. “The Enforcer” Bill Franklin & “Iceman” J.J. Slash vs. the Ultimate Dragon & Ted Allen. There will also be a 12-man battle royal with the winner receiving $5,000. For more information, call (205) 870-8690.

I Believe in Wrestling will be at the Downtown Recreation Center in Orlando, FL, on March 7. Advertised: Chasyn Rance, Larry Zbyszko & Glacier vs. the Heartbreak Express & Nick Fame. Gus Money & Rip Malibu vs. Scott Davis & Brett Thunder. Raymond Snow & Ray Beez. Demon Toro vs. Milo Beasley. Nooie Lee vs. Aaron Epic. Tickets are $10, and children 10 and under get in free. Bell time is at 7:30. For more information, call (407) 694-3912.

DISCLAIMER: GWH is not liable for any card changes, cancellations, etc. We can only report what is reported to us. As always, we suggest you check with the promotion within 24 hours to verify information posted here.


FEBRUARY 12, 1930 (WEDNESDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Henry Weber ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Charley Fox defeated Sam Pretrelli > Pete Sauer defeated Paul Harper

FEBRUARY 12, 1934 (MONDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? FAIR STREET ARENA (Jason Thompson ? Promoter) > Dave Terrell defeated Bob Anderson > Ripper Reeves defeated Chief Lakeside > Georgia Light Heavyweight Title / Southern Light Heavyweight Title Match (No TL): Hugh Winn* defeated Bill Crussell (2-1) / Notes: Chief Lakeside substituted for Gus Pappas in the match with Ripper Reeves. Hugh Winn had been billed as Georgia Light Heavyweight Champion since January 15, 1934, and as Southern Light Heavyweight Champion since February 1, 1934.

FEBRUARY 12, 1935 (TUESDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Henry Weber ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Keith Converse defeated John Dameron at 9:00 > Pete Schuh defeated Young Zaharias at 17:00 > Jim Coffield defeated Joe Cox by disqualification at 37:00 > Dorv Roche defeated George Zaharias / Notes: In the match between Dorv Roche and George Zaharias, the referee awarded the decision to Roche after the 90-minute time limit expired, with each man having won a fall.

FEBRUARY 12, 1936 (WEDNESDAY) ? AUGUSTA, GA ? NEW COLISEUM (Bill Metzger ? Promoter) > Dutch Schultz defeated Pat Newman > Dick Powell defeated Jim Henry (2-0)

FEBRUARY 12, 1937 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA THEATRE (Frank Speer ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jimmy Parker defeated Nick Elitch > Frank Speer and Whitey Hewitt wrestled to a draw > Roland Kirchmeyer defeated Hans Steinke (2-0)

FEBRUARY 12, 1937 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? NORTHSIDE ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby ? Promoters) > K.O. Pate versus Young Gotch > John Ellis versus Tiger Mills > Sammy Miller versus Doc Poole / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

FEBRUARY 12, 1943 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Sammy Friedman ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Dorv Roche defeated Roland Kirchmeyer (2-0) > Boom Boom defeated Al Massey > Emir Badui and Rudy Strongberg wrestled to a draw / Notes: Jack McAdams was credited as being a referee on this card.

FEBRUARY 12, 1960 (FRIDAY) ? MARIETTA, GA ? LARRY BELL AUDITORIUM (Elmo Chappell ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bill Dromo versus Bud Pella > Chief Little Eagle versus the Bat > Bill Dromo & Chief Little Eagle versus Bud Pella & the Bat > Man versus Animal Match: Freddie Blassie versus Brownie the Brute / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

FEBRUARY 12, 1962 (MONDAY) ? AUGUSTA, GA ? WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Steve Manderson ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jerry Miller versus Tito Carreon > Juan Sebastian versus Rito Carreon > Eddie Graham & Dick Steinborn versus the Assassins / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

FEBRUARY 12, 1963 (TUESDAY) ? MACON, GA ? MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Chief Little Eagle defeated Prince Omar > The Steve Boys defeated George Bell & Bronko Lubich > No DQ Match: Lenny Montana and Choo-Choo Lynn wrestled to a draw at 60:00 / Notes: Homer O?Dell managed Bronko Lubich.

FEBRUARY 12, 1965 (FRIDAY) ? FOREST PARK, GA (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > The Mysterious Medics defeated Ray Villmer & Billy Hines > Tony Marino defeated Rube Wright > Mario Galento versus Red Roberts ruled a no contest / Notes: It is unclear as to what venue was the site of this card.

FEBRUARY 12, 1965 (FRIDAY) ? MARIETTA, GA ? LARRY BELL AUDITORIUM (Elmo Chappell ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Greg Peterson defeated Bob Eisenburg > Bill Dromo & Joe Scarpa defeated George & Crybaby Harris > Buddy Fuller defeated Krusher Karlson > World Tag Team Title Match: the Mysterious Medics* defeated Bill Dromo & Joe Scarpa / Notes: This is the last known card held at this venue before it was destroyed by a fire. It is unclear as to how the Mysterious Medics came to be recognized as World Tag Team Champions. The last reference we have shows Kurt & Karl Von Brauner defending the title against Joe Scarpa & Choo-Choo Lynn on May 19, 1964, in Macon.

FEBRUARY 12, 1966 (SATURDAY) ? COLUMBUS, GA ? COLUMBUS SPORTS ARENA (Fred Ward ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Chin Lee defeated Billy Hines > Louie Tillet defeated Tony Nero / Notes: This was for the locally televised ?Columbus Championship Wrestling?, though it is not known who was hosting the program, whether it was taped or broadcast live, nor is it clear as to which station the program was aired at the time.

FEBRUARY 12, 1970 (THURSDAY) ? DUBLIN, GA (Fred Ward ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Women’s Match: Toni Rose versus Vicky Williams > Alberto & Ramon Torres versus Bill Kane & Buddy Colt > Paul DeMarco versus El Mongol / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Homer O?Dell managed Buddy Colt. It is unclear as to what venue was the site of this card.

FEBRUARY 12, 1971 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Billy Spears versus Sabu Singh > Michel Dubois & Fidel Castillo defeated Jack & Jim Dalton > Jim Wilson defeated Luke Graham by disqualification > Buddy Colt defeated Bob Griffin > Ray Gunkel, Bobo Brazil & El Mongol defeated Kubla Khan & the Assassins by disqualification / Notes: Billy Spears and Sabu Singh were scheduled to wrestle each other, but no results were reported after the card. Homer O?Dell managed Buddy Colt. Jack Crawford managed Kubla Khan. Crawford interfered on behalf of Khan & the Assassins against Ray Gunkel, Bobo Brazil & El Mongol, forcing a disqualification. The Assassins confronted Crawford in the center of the ring and almost came to blows, but Khan helped restore order. It was announced that Roberto Soto and Argentina Apollo would be wrestling in Atlanta soon. Bobo Brazil participated in an autograph session for fans.

FEBRUARY 12, 1974 (TUESDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Ann Gunkel ? Promoter / All-South Wrestling Alliance) > Ten-Round Boxing Match: Ted Oates versus Wayne Cowan > Georgia Tag Team Title Match: Ray Candy & El Mongol* versus Assassin #2 & the Super Gladiator > Georgia Brass Knucks Title Match: Rock Hunter versus Assassin #1 > Thunderbolt Patterson versus the Missouri Mauler / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Rock Hunter managed Assassin #2 and the Missouri Mauler.

FEBRUARY 12, 1974 (TUESDAY) ? MACON, GA ? MACON COLISEUM (Fred Ward ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Art Nelson defeated Roy Lee Welch > Robert Fuller & Rufus R. Jones defeated Gorgeous George, Jr., & Taru Hayashi > Bobby & Benny McGuire defeated Ron & Terry Garvin > Macon Heavyweight Title Match: Bobby Duncum defeated Bob Armstrong* to win title > Mr. Wrestling #1 defeated Mr. Wrestling #2 / Notes: Tim Woods began wearing his mask again to cover his cleanly shaven head from February 10, 1974, and requesting to be called Mr. Wrestling #1 again. Gary Hart managed Bobby Duncum. Jimmy Garvin managed Ron & Terry Garvin.

FEBRUARY 12, 1978 (SUNDAY) ? SAVANNAH, GA ? SAVANNAH CIVIC CENTER (Aaron Newman ? Promoter / Jim Crockett Promotions) > Jerry Stubbs defeated Charlie Fulton > Ted Oates defeated Hartford Love > Bobo Brazil & the Mighty Igor defeated Jacques Goulet & the Russian Stomper > Paul Jones defeated the Masked Superstar > US Heavyweight Title Match: Blackjack Mulligan* defeated Ricky Steamboat / Notes: Boris Malenko managed the Masked Superstar.

FEBRUARY 12, 1979 (MONDAY) ? AUGUSTA, GA ? WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Dennis Hall defeated John Wolfe > Rufus R. Jones defeated Rick Oliver > Raymond Rougeau and Kurt Von Hess wrestled to a draw > Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated the Masked Superstar > Dusty Rhodes & Wahoo McDaniel and Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff wrestled to a draw

FEBRUARY 12, 1979 (MONDAY) ? TATE, GA ? TATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) Notes: A card was scheduled for this date, but no details have been found. Thunderbolt Patterson, Stan Hansen, and Tommy Rich were advertised.

FEBRUARY 12, 1983 (SATURDAY) ? CHATTANOOGA, TN ? CHATTANOOGA MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Johnny Rich defeated Pat Rose > Paul Ellering defeated Tom Prichard > Bob Roop & Buck Robley defeated Dick Murdoch & Joe Lightfoot > Ray Candy versus the Super Destroyer ended in a double countout > No DQ Match: Butch Reed defeated Ivan Koloff

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