Recap of Mickey Rourke at BAFTA

Ian Gnatz sent this in:

Just wanted to give you a precursor to the Micky Rourke winning the BAFTA award story. (Rourke drops an F-bomb on live TV).

During the red carpet ceremony many of the celebrities (including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Robert Downy, Jr.) signed autographs and gave interviews to the media. On BBC World News channel they had live coverage of the event and there was a live interview with Micky Rourke where he talked about how grateful he was to be given an opportunity to act in the film and thanked director Darren Aronofsky for taking the risk of casting Rourke in the leading role.

He said he never worked so hard on any film in his life and “broke his ass” everyday. When asked if he was proud of the movie he replied “I am proud, very fu*king proud” to which the BBC interviewer told him “you can’t swear on live TV!” Rourke replied “Well, you only live once” and moved along the red carpet.

Earlier Rourke was admonished by BBC broadcasters for smoking a cigarette on his initial run down the red carpet.