The new All Elite Wrestling promotion is holding a live rally (above) today in Jacksonville just outside the TIAA Bank Field, the home of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

The event officially begins at 5:00 p.m. Eastern/4:00 CT.

Highlights from the rally:

* Conrad Thompson and Alex Marvez welcome everyone to the event.

* Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are introduced first. Conrad referred to them as some of the hottest free agents in wrestling today.

* Daniels said they became one of the most popular trios in 2018 and when deals expired, they hopped on board with the “name on the lips of the professional world” and they will now be exclusively with All Elite Wrestling.

* AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes is introduced next. He talked about being surrounded by a sold out crowd at ALL IN back in September. Cody heard the fire and passion. He wants to keep that fire going. “We have a saying in The Elite: change the world.” Cody says you have to change the world you live in and he’s grown up in the pro wrestling business. He talks about pro wrestlers being the least paid when it comes to the sports landscape. AEW is going to change that, according to Cody.

* Cody says wins and losses will matter in AEW. He hears the fans cheering and mentions AEW crowds will have the option to react however they would like. Cody adds they won’t be trained to like certain aspects about wrestling.

* The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) are introduced next. Matt talked about having a goal a few months ago to put 10,000 people in a building and they did it with ALL IN. He says they disrupted the very way pro wrestling is intended to function.

* Matt said they were approached by the Khan family shortly after the success of ALL IN and they asked The Bucks if they wanted to change the world. He talks about making the announcement on Being the Elite and how if you are an “elite” athlete, they want you.

* Matt talks about coming to an agreement with OWE out of China and how AEW will give them a spotlight in the promotion. He said they have more announcements to come.

* He teases another announcement and wants to do it. Cody points out he’s actually the Executive Vice President. Nick Jackson said he’s pretty sure he is Executive VP. They all make the second big announcement together: May 25 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena will host Double or Nothing, the follow up event to ALL IN last September.

* Brandi Rhodes, the Chief Brand Officer of AEW, is introduced next. She promises to take AEW to the next level in her new role. Brandi addresses the no. 1 question she’s received: will AEW have a women’s division? She confirms AEW will have a women’s division and they want it to be a strong one with the best female wrestlers in the entire world.

* Brandi adds that the female talent will be paid equally with the men talent. She talks about the women’s fatal four way at ALL IN and how they were lucky to sign one of the competitors in the match to AEW: Britt Baker.

* Baker confirms she’s the first official female wrestler signed to an AEW deal. She talks about her background as a dentist in real life and wants to set an example that you need to purse anything and everything you have a true passion for like her.

* Conrad Thompson is out next and is interrupted by MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman). MJF runs down the city of Jacksonville. Jaxson de Ville, the Jaguars mascot, interrupts. “Bad Boy” Joey Janala and Penelope Ford show up and attack MJF. Janala, who is currently out with an injury, confirms they will both be All Elite in 2019.

* Alex Marvez says over 100,000 people are watching this rally live online.

* Hangman Adam Page is introduced next. He’s happy that no one is control of what he does or says by signing with All Elite Wrestling, referring to “corporate overlords” who make decisions behind closed doors. Page says he is hungry and is happy the fans are his boss. “In 2019 I will be the first All Elite Wrestling Champion,” adds Page.

* Former WWE star Neville (PAC) shows up to confront Hangman Page. He talks about already being a champion. Page seems to accept his challenge for the new year.

* Cody and The Young Bucks are back on stage. They announce AEW’s second show will take place right here in Jacksonville. Cody adds a large portion of the gate will go to benefit gun violence. They said that is all they have for now regarding announcements.

* Conrad closes plugging AEW merchandise and encouraging people to spread the word about All Elite Wrestling to fans who are frustrated with wrestling today.

* Conrad is then interrupted. Here comes Chris Jericho. Big reaction for Jericho as he takes the stage. “I am Chris Jericho…and I am ALL IN with All Elite Wrestling. Surprise!”

* Jericho adds they just took things to a different level. He isn’t here for the money. Jericho wants to be part of something different. He confirms he will be part of Double or Nothing on May 25 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. “It starts now and it starts forever.” Jericho closes his appearance saying they are going to change the whole universe.

* The rally comes to a close with pyro going off near the Jaguars stadium.